Film Maker for the last 20 years in the south indian state, Keralam. Language of my films is my mother tongue, Malayalam. Have done thirteen films till 2011. All have been released in theaters and the people of my language love me for my films. Most popular among my films have been Oru Maravathoor Kanavu, Meesa Madhavan, Classmates, Chanthupottu, Neelathamara and Elsamma enna Aankutty.

Now making  Spanish Masala, a Malayalam film starring Malayalam actors Dileep and  Kunchacko Bobban along with actors from abroad. Austrian actress Daniela is the female lead.

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  1. Dear Lal Jose

    Recently only came to know that you are doing blogs,just gone through very interesting and informative.Watched Elsamma Enna Aankutty- realistic!!bravo..waiting for your new ventures.

    Keep in touch

    Warm Regards

    Vipin Nair

  2. njanum varum oru divasam thangalude cinemayil…… hahaha……

    love ur movies…….

    God bless u & ur family

    All the best for your Creations & Ideas



  3. Dear Lal sir,
    I am also Lal but I am not familiar. I saw your program in amrita tv just now, an interview with poster designer (sorry I for got his name) Chandranudikkunna dikkil muthalingott ella filmsum kandittund.

    Ur really lucky…..
    because familiarity is a blessing……
    kazhivulla ella aalum familiyar alla bhagyavum venam……..

    free aayiikkumbol ente blog onnu nokkanam……


    +91 9400113722

  4. നീലത്താ മരയും രതിനിര്‍ വേദവും ഒക്കെ വീണ്ടും ശ്രുഷ്ടിക്ക പ്പെടുന്നത് മലയാള സിനിമയിലെ ക്രിയേ റ്റിവിറ്റി ദാരിദ്ര്യത്തെ യാണോ കാണിക്കുന്നത് ,സാറിന്റെ നീലത്താമര അവസാനിക്കുന്നത് ഒരിക്കലും പ്രതീക്ഷിക്കാത്ത ഒരു സമയത്തായിരുന്നു ,വളരെ നിരാശ പ്പെടുത്തി താമര ………..

  5. Hi,
    Meesamadhavan – Good; Elsamma – Boring (my views).
    Still waiting for stuff like “Paithrikam”.
    Undoubtedly you are instrumental in reviving Malayalam film industry to a great extent. Why can’t you spend 5-10 days for reviving the TV “entertainment” industry – it is going down and down. Now “onam” is approaching – all the channels will be busy selecting “block-buster” films only. Absolutely no creativity. Fate of viewers.
    All the best – Tom

  6. Dear Mr. Lal Jose,
    Thanking u for the wonderfull movies which u are dircted so far.. Today only i know that u r having a blog and u and ur team in Madrid. We r living in Germany and we r big fan of u and Mr. Dileep..We r having a request if we come to Madrid, it is possible to meet u for an autograph?
    hoping for favourable reply..


  7. Dear Mr. Lal Jose,
    nice to see u here in blog.. to day only i came to know that u r in Madrid. We were a big fan of u and Mr. Dileep, if we come over in Madrid is any possiblity to meet u and all others. we r living in Germany and my Daughter is 4 yrs of age and big fan of mr. Dileep.

    hoping for a favorauble reply.

  8. ALL greetings for Spanish masala …

    pictures kandu….
    nammude adutha hit movie……

    all the very best….
    releasing inte annu ticket kittumenkil kandirikum,,,,,,

  9. പ്രിയപ്പെട്ട ലാലേട്ടാ

    പുതിയ സിനിമയുടെ തിരകിലാകും അല്ലെ എന്തായാലും,ലാലേട്ടന്റെ പ്രയത്നം എല്ലാം വിജയം കണ്ടു നമ്മുടെ സ്പാനിഷ്‌ മസാലയും നല്ലൊരു സിനിമയാകും എന്ന് വിശ്വസിക്കുന്നു .ലാലേട്ടന്റെ എല്ലാ സിനിമയും കടിട്ടുണ്ട്.എല്ലാ സിനിമയിലും എന്തോ ഒരു പുതുമ തോന്നാറുണ്ട് .ഒരു പ്രത്യേക അടുപ്പം .എന്തായാലും ദൈവം അനുഗ്രഹിക്കട്ടെ .

    എന്നും സ്നേഹത്തോടെ………!


  10. dear sir,
    Enikk othiri ishtamanu sir’nte cinemakal… sir’ne pole oru director aakanamennanu ente ettavum valiya aagraham. sir’nte puthiya projectinu ella aashamsakalum nerunnu……………….


  11. Lal Jose has produced superb films and his name will be remembered in the malayalam film industry. He is on a winning spree because he creates several strong characters in the film. This is beyond the usual hero-dominated films. Look at Meesamadhavan, we will remember Dileep, Jagathy, Kavya, Indrajit, Salim Kumar, Dileep’s sisters, Sukumari, Mala, etc. Classmates have several heroes and heroins.
    That is the success of a strong film director.
    After Bharatan, Lal Jose will be considered as the best director in Kerala. However, Lal Jose needs to bring our more films. Hope Spanish Masala will be the best film from him.

  12. Hi Lal Jose,
    Neelathamara impressed us a lot.So you proved that you can remake old films and make success.Please think to remake the famous hindi film “Amar,Akbar,Antony” in new style with Dileep as Amar,Kunjako Boban as Akbar and Pritviraj as Antony”.This will be a very big entertainer based on their existing star value.

    Best Regards


  13. Laletta….

    We are expecting some serious clicks from you like Oru Maravathoor Kanavu.. Happened to see a movie named Vaagai Sooda Vaa, a very light Tamil movie and the plot isnt anything extraordinary.. but the way it is picturised is awesome…

    Thanks again for refreshing changes over time in Malayalam film industry..

    – Murali

  14. Dear Lal Jose ,
    i am writing you from Madrid.
    Here there was news about Spansh Masala.
    They had given a good coverage.
    In the news paper” Gente” of 4 nov 2011 they have dedicated one page for the same. Congratulations.
    some of my spanish friends are asking whether this film will be relised in Spanish language also.

  15. VINEESH COCHIN Dear sir, ‘WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR’. Spanish masala supermega hit akum.2012 hit varsham akatte ennu asamsikkunnu. sir,cinema karyangal kanarund,good anchor. 2012 puthumugangale vachu padam edukkanam.classmate pole orupadam akanam.but story different.eg. school subject.story continue school and student and teacher and parents.study ‘jivithum, hit undakate ennu prarthikkunnu.


  17. Early wishes for your new venture -…. “Spanish Masala”, Expecting new theme, fresh music & great entertainment.

    As a fan from your first movie, keeping your credit for selecting the stories, in different themes & style – i have request, please complete the films & release it – in a short span (1 year time) – to keep your fans alive.

    Your movie with “laletten” is expecting in many years – I hope, you will get a good story for this, very soon.

    Best Wishes & Regards,

    George Tenny

  18. സ്പാനിഷ് മസാലയ്ക്കായി കാത്തിരിക്കുന്നു…നിഷ്കളങ്കമായ പ്രതീക്ഷയോടെ..
    മലയാളിയുടെ രുചി സങ്കല്‍പ്പങ്ങള്‍ക്ക് പിടിക്കുന്നതാകട്ടെ ഈ “മസാലയും”
    എല്ലാ ഭാവുകങ്ങളും നേരുന്നു.


  19. i admire you as a great men………..Give the world the best you have, and the best will come to you! Congratulations for your new release!

  20. sir u r a paisavasool film maker.. your new film diamond necklace is vry good .. Exactly u do a great job. Congrates…

  21. sir,
    i am an mbbs student
    big fan of all great directors and malayalam films

    i must tell that u are one of the most versatile directors in malayalam

    i have a request 2 u
    please com up with some different kinds of movies with mammootty or mohanlal in which they dont romance a 20 something old girls
    may b a villain role frm one of dem can b exciting
    also something in the lines of hindi films like munnabhai, a wednesday, aankhen,etc or english films taken, diehard, expendables etc with a mallu backdrop would b suiting their age and can b refreshing as well

    counting on u 4 spme lal jose magic
    watchd diamond necklace

  22. The Malayalam movie Diamond Necklace released recently is a movie not to be missed. The film is scripted by Dr. Iqbal Kuttipuram and directed by the ace Malayalam film director Lal Jose. This film not only tells the story of triangular love between the young Doctor Arun played by Fahad Fazil and the three heroines played by Samurtha, Gauthami and Anushree, it also tells the audience the consequence of financial mismanagement, misuse of credit card and the legal complications one has to undergo when payment is defaulted in this country (UAE). I am really in dilemma to answer the question of whose film it is. I mean that the screen play, its excellent narratives and the characters all these really resemble our own lives.

    This movie also reminds me of a short story of the same name written by Guy De Maupassant. Initially, I was under the opinion that this film is an adaption of Maupassants short story. I don’t know whether Dr. Iqbal Kuttipuram had any inspiration from this story. Whatever it may be there is no doubt that Dr. Iqbal is a brilliant story teller. He has already proved his story telling ability to Malayalee audience in Arabikatha and with making of this script he has once again proved as master story teller of the Gulf Malayalees.

    Maupassant Diamond Necklace is about the story of pretty and charming Mathilde Loisel who is born into a family of low income class who worries and spends endless hours imagining an extravagant life, even though she possess no luxurious items like jewels, clothes etc. Yet these are the only things she lives for, without them she feels that she is not desirable, the twist in her life happens when her husband returns home from work proudly bearing an invitation to a formal party hosted by the Ministry of Education. While he hopes that his wife will be thrilled with the chance to attend an event, on the other she complains of not having anything to wear, as the day of the party approaches she started behaving strangely, for lack of clothes and jewels to wear for the party. Instead of wearing what she possess, she buys new clothes and borrow Diamond Necklace from her rich friend. At the party she is the most gorgeous woman in attendance and every one notices her, she is intoxicated by the attention until 4am she even forget her husband. She is saddened that the nights ends so fast, after the party she discovers that her necklace is no longer around her neck. There is no other way than to buy a new necklace and give to her friend, the price of the necklace is something they cannot afford, they have to sell their property and borrow from their friends in order to buy the new one. Just for one night to show off she and her husband had to struggle for ten years to repay the debts, after ten years when her friend who lend her Diamond Neckalce met poor Mathilda she could not recognize her charming friend, who now looks much older than her age because of her poverty. Trying to find what happened to her friend, poor Mathilda explained her story while her friend was in a state of shock and informed that it was an imitation costing only 500 francs.

    In comparison, the movie Diamaond Necklace tells about Dr. Arun (Fahadh) a young doctor working in a hospital in Dubai he wants to live happy life without thinking about past and worrying about future. Therefore he tries rich life by driving posh cars, dining in expensive restaurants, frequenting night clubs, and sharing a room in a flat in the land mark building of Dubai the Burj Al Khalifa world’s tallest building, he own nothing the flat he is sharing belongs to his friends, the car he is driving is purchased on loan in reality he has nothing but mere show off and very much attracted to the material pleasures. We also see the risk of such life like when the car he is driving is towed of by the creditors, frequent calls from the banks collection department, insufficient funds in his account, block credit cards and he has a travel ban that he cannot even travel to see his ailing mother. On the other side we see Venu (Sreenivasan), who hails from Arun’s hometown seems to be poor migrant worker residing in a labour camp in Dubai, but when we look at his life he is much happier, and in one circumstances he is the one to help Arun when he comes to know that Arun is in a big financial mess. This shows that he has more savings than Arun who has all the fancy things and fall for all the pleasures of the city. Venu states that he is living in this city for two decades and the provoking things existed in the city then too, means he has not been fascinated to all this pleasure while is focus was on family back home.

    There seems to be some similarities between the character of Maupassants Mathilda and Lal Jose’s Dr. Arun. In fact both of them had to go through a sort of sacrifice in their life as a consequence of their show off. The film shows Dr. Arun who is a high profile Doctor and not accustomed to live in Dormitory type of stay has to adjust with his worker friend for a period of time we also see that he is sleeping in his car as he is left homeless, the same man who lived once in one of the world’s best luxurious apartment.

    Fahadh Fazil plays a major role and his acting skills should be definitely highlighted. It seems that he is now in full form after Chappakurushu and 22 Female Kottayam. The heroines are Samvritha as Maya, Gowthami as Lakshmi in fact this is only her second film but she seems to be a very experienced actor. Her first film was Second Show with Duluqar Salman. And for Anusree, this is her debut film and her role as Rajashri is to be appreciated, she has portrayed it well in the movie as a village girl and her performance as fresh from boat to Dubai especially like all mallu girls who wants to be modern once they landed abroad.

    Needless to say much about Lal Jose film, as the action speaks better than words, so Just go and watch it…………

  23. Hi,
    would like to meet you to tell one story as you are one of my favorite director after priyadarsan..actually it’s not a story its really happened with my friend life..

    Looking forward to meet you..

  24. Sir,
    i am a gret fan of u….. I like all u r movies… U r a gret director sir…. May the blessings of god always with u……….

  25. ലാല്‍ജോസ് സാര്‍
    സ്പാനിഷ്‌ മസാല കണ്ടു പക്ഷെ തുറന്നു പറയട്ടെ അ സിനിമ പോര , ഓര്‍ത്തു ഇരിക്കാന്‍ പറ്റിയ ഒരു സീന്‍ പോലും ഇല്ല എന്ന് പറയേണ്ടി വരും
    ആകെ ഉള്ളത് മനോഹരമായ ലോകെഷന്‍സ് മാത്രമാണ്

  26. thankalude puthiya film il {ayalum njanum thammil} jomon t john poleyoru puthiya cameramane ulpeduthiyathu film nu oru muthalkoottu thanneyanu.neo film school il film making padikkunna njan orupadu films kanarundu,cinimaye kkurichu padikkarundu aa koottathil thankalude films um ulpedunnathinal thanne enikku thankaleyum thankalude filmsum valare eshttamanu.sir ente rolemodelannu ennu parayunnathil njan santhoshikkunnu.adutha kalathu thankale neril kanan kazhiyum enna vishwasathil jess alwin j netto

  27. hai Sir,
    am a medical representative.. Ayalum njanum thamil is a excellent movie… Sir we are very glad to inform you that this is the first film that i have even seen showing a medical representative in a good roll and saying good words.Manny of the people having a misunderstanding that we are giving the cash to doctors and forced to doing un ethical things,, But we are just representing the company thats it. Its our job to inform our product and scheme. You are a Director saying to a good person to doing a bad roll. The same situation is our also.Actor doing that roll to his family, we are also same like that.

  28. Dear LJ sir…! im a great fan of you>> i dnt knw actually what to tell, love you sir…! i would like to be a part of your film..! i want assist you sir….!!!! im crazy about films

  29. Sir, had seen your latest movie “Immanuel”. Good one which has a MSG… Sir wish to be a part of your team. God bless you.

    ARUN 🙂

  30. Azhakulla roopanal “chilapol kannukalkku oru nimishathe santhosham thannekam”…..
    snehamulla manasukal
    “jeevitham muzhuvanum santhosham thannukondeyirikkum…..
    athupoleeeeee iniyum nalla nalla moviesss pratheekshikunnu lal sirrr u r great

  31. Hi

    I read the article on manorama.com about online release of movies. I am regular viewer of Indian movies on Netflix. Trust me it is impossible to copy them. Unfortunately there are only 2 Malayalam movies available there. Since it is a subscription service I don’t have to pay per movie. Instead I pay monthly amount to Netflix and watch as many as I want. There must be a fee per download or something that Netflix pays the producers. Production companies like RF and Karan Johar have their movies. Obviously they are not doing so at a loss to themselves.

    If I go to the local Kerala grocery store (in the US) I can get as many CDs as I want for 2-3 bucks a piece. I don’t do it because the quality is usually poor. Unfortunately a lot of my colleagues still get them. But 100% of them are Netflix users and if they had an alternative they would not fo it.

    My point is that Malayalam Movie producers have everything to gain and nothing to lose by using Netflix or some such other service. i would only ask that the download speed be tolerable. I hope to see some of movies online soon

  32. immanuval nalla cinema thannea.sir ac vijeesh is a new writer .sir pleace give your 2hr i wait my screenplay sarinu eshatapadum i much confidence its a village story oru pakshea mammukayiku patiya cinema

  33. sirnte ella filimum kanarund….ishtamann sir nte way of talking….best wishes and always best of luck…for ur future 7 sunthara ratrikal

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