Delightfully Spanish!

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So far I have not spoken about my leading lady! Daniela Zacheri is a trained hip-hop dancer from Austria. She has completed one year acting course from UK film Institute. She naturally needed to be acclimatized to the kind of movements and acting familiar to Malayalee aesthetic. She has almost learned it by now and seems comfortable!

Nelson and Gopalan are the new members in the actors’ team from Kerala. Days and minutes are flying by. It feels like a huge new colourful kaleidoscope with a bunch of new elements added every moment!

We have two line producers – Miguel and Ceaser. Later Goyo took charge of directing the production crew. Maya from U.K is assisting him. (She is Spanish, though named Maya!!). She also assists with Spanish language related matters. As I have been sharing my concerns before shoot of two cultures, languages and different styles of operation; everything has been tough . But as we always say, believe in the goodness of mankind…things will start working out for better! And I think this shoot is a perfect example of our belief in almighty and fellow beings around! Thank you all!



A start so familiar….!

Shooting of Spanish Masala  started on First of August, in Madrid’s Jardines- de Sabatini. Switch on was done at the Roof top of the hotel. In Keralam, we usually light the traditional lamp, but as we were in Spain, there was a slight change from routine. Dileep lighted a candle and producer Noushad switched on the camera. Script writer Benny, Actors Biju Menon , Nelson and others along with Camera man Loganathan and the whole crew were present. Spanish – Malayalam translator Haritha and the rest of production personnel were there too.

We started with a song sequence of Dileep and Daniela. Though the summer is here in full strength, I was the least amused to see it drizzling as we started. All my friends in the crew had a smile.  From nowhere the clouds gathered and lo! It’s commonplace for all my films to get a rain or drizzle in the beginning as if Mother Nature is showering us with blessings!

Thinking of Spain

Spanish Masala - Malayalam Film: Pooja Ceremony

After Pooja with Ranjan Abraham, Vidya Sagar, Nazim and R. Venugopal

I was in Madrid last month, on location hunt. Think of Spain, and off you swing to bull fights, football and the Flamenco dance. Theme of my new film, Spanish Masala has direct link to the lives of the people of Spain.

I think twice, before claiming this would be a visual treat; let me confess, I am not sure. But I am completely at ease about one thing- that is the feeling about emotions. People all over the world, be it in Spain, Kerala or elsewhere possess the same emotions at heart. Their way, style and mode of expression may differ. So you will see the emotions at work between two cultures, languages and lifestyles.

Whenever script writer Benny, actor Dileep, music director Vidya Sagar and me speak to each other after announcing Spanish Masala we are tense. I got this vibration from them that the expectation of our well wishers from this film is very, very high!! We feel it has only one reason, and that is our last collaborative effort – `Chandupottu’… In fact now I feel it has started making me even nervous! Dear friends… let me tell you, Spanish Masala needs to be a different film with all innate flavors to it.. We just hope we deliver the original spirit of the story of two human beings who chance upon each other away from this green God’s own land of ours!

I want to tell you about the Pooja of Spanish Masala. We did a quiet ceremony at Varsha Vallagi studio in Chennai on 13th July. It was attended by Vidya Sagar, Executive Producer Nazim, Editor Ranjan Abraham and very few well wishers. All my films except Classmates and Neelathamara had such solemn Pooja moments. Whenever we had Vidyaji in the team the Pooja was performed at Varsha Vallagi. The song composition is done. Now orchestration is in full swing. We hope all would appreciate the Music. As I told you R.Venugopal is the song writer, being with the advertisement world he also has penned for Club FM.

The funny, unusual thing this time was that I forgot to invite the actor who plays the protagonist in the film, to the event. Yes, forgot to tell Dileep about the occasion! Not just him but all actors including Kunchacko Bobban and Biju Menon….. Now you can imagine how they must have felt…After the ceremony I get a call from Dileep with genuine emotions for not telling the news. As you would be aware personally and professionally all of us are closely linked. Such omissions would definitely hurt. I told them that my home front had been in a bit of commotion with one of my family members getting admitted in a hospital during these days. And I was attending the event straight from the hospital. After Pooja I flew back to the same hospital. Dileep has been shooting in Ootty for his film `Mr.Marumakan’. Once we chatted, he was fine and we pacified each other. I wish his film the very best of receptions and Spanish Masala the same!

Among all my films only Neelathamara had a gala event for Pooja. Obviously the film demanded a different placement. Rest all were less talked about affairs. Now that the blessings are asked for, and offering made to the almighty please keep Spanish Masala in your prayers too!