From Location


On location of Spanish Masala

Actors Biju Menon, Dileep and script writer Benny P.Nayarambalam at the location in Madrid, of Spanish Masala


I know you understand how it is while shooting. We have started full fledged shooting from last week, it’s about ten days now…

Let me tell you it’s REAL hectic…!

I thank the whole crew for keeping up with the spirit of hard work!

I would keep jotting in bits and pieces so that our link stays live.

In Madrid, we have been staying at Jardines de sabatini suites.

As I told you before,  people from different cultures are meeting to work together!

The results are gorgeous  off  screen,  I pray the same repeats on screen!!!



A story for the spirit of new beginnings from my favorite writer

The following story appeared in Paulo Coelho’s blog recently. I love to share it with all who feel close to me…

During the Ice Age many animals died because of the cold. Seeing this situation, the porcupines decided to group together, so they wrapped up well and protected one another.

But they hurt one another with their thorns, and so then they decided to stay apart from one another.

They started to freeze to death again.
So they had to make a choice: either they vanished from the face of the earth or they accepted their neighbor’s thorns.

They wisely decided to stay together again. They learned to live with the small wounds that a very close relationship could cause, because the most important thing was the warmth given by the other.

And in the end they survived

Wishing you all meaningful Christmas and peace & love throughout 2011 !
With Love LJ

New Neelathamara has now become part of Malayalam film History! The film is completing a month in theatres all over Kerala!
All of You have empowered us in making the film a genuine success… Along with my team I thank all film lovers with heartfelt gratitude..! For us there is no better celebration! You have accepted our effort and blessed us with the invaluable contribution of experiencing the work!
I want to correspond with each person who contacts this blog. As a lot of interactions are common, I am unable to respond to each comment. Please continue your support and that makes me creatively active and challenged!
Here is wishing all of you a very happy Christmas and Joy and peace all throughout 2010!!

Lal Jose