New Neelathamara has now become part of Malayalam film History! The film is completing a month in theatres all over Kerala!
All of You have empowered us in making the film a genuine success… Along with my team I thank all film lovers with heartfelt gratitude..! For us there is no better celebration! You have accepted our effort and blessed us with the invaluable contribution of experiencing the work!
I want to correspond with each person who contacts this blog. As a lot of interactions are common, I am unable to respond to each comment. Please continue your support and that makes me creatively active and challenged!
Here is wishing all of you a very happy Christmas and Joy and peace all throughout 2010!!

Lal Jose

my team speaks !

“Neelathamara is my renewed Confidence” (Sreejith Guruvayur)

If I were to get the state level selection that I was sure in the 10th standard, I would have been on a cricket pitch instead of chiseling the faces of characters for the silver screen! Now look where I am and where is that school cricket team captain who could not think of anything other than Cricket!! That is Life….and I am more than happy about what I achieved than what I did not…

Neelathamara for me is the reiteration of confidence in my own craft and art, and that has been made possible by my mentor, director Lal Jose. He came to my life when I was going through the worst period both professionally and personally. And the film `Classmates’ gave me the spirit to pull ahead in life. Though some of you who read this may feel that what I say is very personal; Let me tell you, if anything is worth mentioning it is my association with this director and his courage to showcase new talents to the mainstream industry …


I was idling away my time after tenth as I was quite dejected with life. I used to be popular in and around my hometown as a growing cricket talent. My dreams progressed steadily as I was selected in school and won matches for school. I did not feel guilty of leaving important academic sessions for cricket as my school authorities promised that my plus two- admission is guaranteed. By some prejudice I was denied admission where I hoped to get in. My sporting talent was overlooked and I did not get any special preference…


One of my relatives who worked in films suggested that I could get some occupation in film industry and landed in the job of a make up assistant. I have been fortunate enough to get training under excellent craftsmen like Pattanam Rasheed and Pattanam Shah. Pattanam Rasheed gave me a clear idea about the creative contribution of a make up artist in the total process of film making..


When Lal sir called me to be in-charge of the make up department of `Mulla’ I was clear about what he expects from me. I was watching myself throughout the shooting of Mulla. At the time of preparations for Neelathamara, I knew that he has confidence in me but I have to deliver more than what he expects. The difficulty in my work is the lack of factual understanding about growth of make up industry outside Kerala and India. Very few people in our industry have the awareness of new techniques and technology in make up which is growing at a supersonic pace. Our industry is struggling hard to keep up with the changes outside as we spent very less amount of total film budget for new materials and techniques related to make up. Here in Neelathamara I have got the golden opportunity to practice my art and craft using newer materials and techniques. When you see the film you will come across same actors doing roles at the beginning and end of a time span of 30 years. I now wish to learn more to take up greater challenges. I wouldn’t mind trying for overseas training say for even a day … Don’t mistake my attitude!!! See… Neelathamara has done wonders to my level of confidence…!