Beyond the sheen and sparkle…!

Dear Friends

As you may be aware, I could not find enough time to sit in peace and write to you in the last couple of weeks! Release of Diamond Necklace was not the release of any regular Lal Jose film!  It was the film produced by P.V Pradeep’s Anitha Productions in association with LJ Films Pvt. Ltd and the first film being distributed by LJ Films. The responsibility shared for production was good in terms of reduced tension while making the film. I got up to date and handy technology support for direction. But distribution is a totally different ball game!! In most of our towns the number of theaters is low. And now, we have the holiday season! `Ordinary’, released in March, `Maya Mohini’ and `22 Female Kottayam’ of April, were continuing their lead with good collection reports. Moreover, `Grand Master’ and `Mallusingh’ were awaited along with Diamond Necklace. For us, getting good theaters were truly a challenge!

I would gladly say these are the days of `spring’ for Malayalam films… Films of different nature and categories… all being upheld by the audience and theaters being `Live’ again!

In the first week, Diamond Necklace was released in 24 selected theaters all over Kerala. Now the number has grown to fifty theaters. The film is released in 35 theaters of other states in India. We have got very good response from viewers all over India. Some lone attacks from media did occur! I understand that none of that influenced the viewer who watched the film in all his/ her sincerity from expressing an independent opinion. And that is positive and invigorating!

The only note of dissent came about including in-film advertisement. All around the world, films effectively find their budget from such sources. I believe there is nothing wrong in availing the resource without hampering quality of story and its craft! We may not be able to do it for all films. It depends on the subject and special nature of narration.

L J Films Private Limited is going to be live in distribution. I promise to distribute those films that showcase novelty along with quality of idea and presentation without taking into account the status of technicians or stars who have contributed in their making.

The next distribution venture of L J films is going to be `Thattathin Marayathu’ by Vineeth Sreenivasan. It will be in theaters by July 6th. It narrates a charming tale of two youngsters in love!

Diamond Necklace has to reach a lot more screens. It will complete its cycle mostly when monsoon reaches its pinnacle. Pray the rains will not dampen the spirits of my beloved viewers from reaching theaters to see the movie!

This post has become lengthy, as I have not conversed with you for so long!

I am getting ready for a journey.. A custom after each film! This time my family, Dr.Iqbal and his family joins the trip. Definitely would keep you posted as I am back..

Till then take care and stay well,

Lots of Love


Indian rupee from Ranjith


Saw Indian rupee!

Was able to see a few life like characters whom I have come across at different stages in my life.

Since last few years Ranjith has been like that…

Each of his movies makes me wonder ” why haven’t I thought about it before???”

J.P is the most memorable character Prithvi has ever done in his film career so far.

This character represents today’s …ambitious youth.

J.P is a fresh breed in contrast with the typical, good natured, well mannered Heroes, he is imperfect and has humanly weaknesses…

This is what makes this character unique and realistic.

I loved the movie INDIAN RUPEE and I strongly recommend this film to all the viewers who love and enjoy good cinema!

Please make your visit to theatres at your earliest!

Stay Well,


Thinking of Spain

Spanish Masala - Malayalam Film: Pooja Ceremony

After Pooja with Ranjan Abraham, Vidya Sagar, Nazim and R. Venugopal

I was in Madrid last month, on location hunt. Think of Spain, and off you swing to bull fights, football and the Flamenco dance. Theme of my new film, Spanish Masala has direct link to the lives of the people of Spain.

I think twice, before claiming this would be a visual treat; let me confess, I am not sure. But I am completely at ease about one thing- that is the feeling about emotions. People all over the world, be it in Spain, Kerala or elsewhere possess the same emotions at heart. Their way, style and mode of expression may differ. So you will see the emotions at work between two cultures, languages and lifestyles.

Whenever script writer Benny, actor Dileep, music director Vidya Sagar and me speak to each other after announcing Spanish Masala we are tense. I got this vibration from them that the expectation of our well wishers from this film is very, very high!! We feel it has only one reason, and that is our last collaborative effort – `Chandupottu’… In fact now I feel it has started making me even nervous! Dear friends… let me tell you, Spanish Masala needs to be a different film with all innate flavors to it.. We just hope we deliver the original spirit of the story of two human beings who chance upon each other away from this green God’s own land of ours!

I want to tell you about the Pooja of Spanish Masala. We did a quiet ceremony at Varsha Vallagi studio in Chennai on 13th July. It was attended by Vidya Sagar, Executive Producer Nazim, Editor Ranjan Abraham and very few well wishers. All my films except Classmates and Neelathamara had such solemn Pooja moments. Whenever we had Vidyaji in the team the Pooja was performed at Varsha Vallagi. The song composition is done. Now orchestration is in full swing. We hope all would appreciate the Music. As I told you R.Venugopal is the song writer, being with the advertisement world he also has penned for Club FM.

The funny, unusual thing this time was that I forgot to invite the actor who plays the protagonist in the film, to the event. Yes, forgot to tell Dileep about the occasion! Not just him but all actors including Kunchacko Bobban and Biju Menon….. Now you can imagine how they must have felt…After the ceremony I get a call from Dileep with genuine emotions for not telling the news. As you would be aware personally and professionally all of us are closely linked. Such omissions would definitely hurt. I told them that my home front had been in a bit of commotion with one of my family members getting admitted in a hospital during these days. And I was attending the event straight from the hospital. After Pooja I flew back to the same hospital. Dileep has been shooting in Ootty for his film `Mr.Marumakan’. Once we chatted, he was fine and we pacified each other. I wish his film the very best of receptions and Spanish Masala the same!

Among all my films only Neelathamara had a gala event for Pooja. Obviously the film demanded a different placement. Rest all were less talked about affairs. Now that the blessings are asked for, and offering made to the almighty please keep Spanish Masala in your prayers too!