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  1. Its a wonderful movie sir. I think all professionals especially those who are working in the medical field must watch this. This movie is a gentle reminder of certain ethiquttes that we forget now a days .Such movies will definitely improve the morality of the society. Congratz 2 you sir and your Team!!!! God bless you LJ sir!!!

  2. Yes he can do only certain roles. It director’s vision identifying and making him that delivered. Awesome job. Well directed, well scripted movie.

    I would say Prathap Poothan, he stands out.

  3. Feel so happy that I found this blog today,waiting to see ayalum njanum thammil,you will be happily relaxed now,diamond necklace was very gud simple realistic story

  4. Dear LJ,
    കൊറേയൊക്കെ കളയേണ്ടി വന്നു. കാരണം, കണ്ടത് തന്നെ. ഒടുവിലവശേഷിച്ചത്, ‘അയാള്‍’ മാത്രമായിരുന്നു. ഒപ്പം അയാളോടൊപ്പമുള്ള ‘ഞാനും’. ഇഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടു……… 🙂
    നവതരംഗം വച്ച് ചാമ്പിക്കൊണ്ടിരിക്കുംപോള്‍ അമ്മയോടും അച്ഛനോടും ഒപ്പമിരുന്ന് ഒരു സിനിമ എന്നത് ഇന്നും ലാല്ജോസിലും രണ്ജിതിലുമൊക്കെ മാത്രം ഒതുങ്ങിക്കൂടി നില്‍ക്കുന്ന ഒരു പ്രതീക്ഷ മാത്രമാണ്. അത് തെറ്റിച്ചിട്ടില്ല. നന്ദി.
    —സുജീഷ് രാമകൃഷ്ണന്‍.

  5. Ayalum njanum thammil super filim lal sir sammathichu thanne pattu…ingane oru filim ithreyum nannayi eduthu preshakarude munnil ethichathinu. padam kandathinte thrill eppolum poyittilla.thanks lal sir and ella aniyarapravarthakarkkum.

  6. Dear sir,
    Watched your latest movie ayalum njanum thammil on first show in qatar gulf cinema on thursday(26-10-11). unfortunately operator has made a big mistake by
    showing the second half first and viceversa. they gave a real shock to us and kill ur beautiful baby.This was the biggest disapointment in theatre for all those who watched that show.
    Because of somebodies negligence we all saw “NJANUM AYALUM THAMMIL.

    best wishes

  7. Ayalum njanum thammil kandu…. Valya sandeshangalum, samoohathil sadharanakkar ariyathepokunna chila kallatharangalum, pranayavum, sauhridavum, nalla nalla scenukalum, nalla camera workum, nalla comediyum, ORALUDE KADAMA AYAL CHEYYANAM ENNA sandeshavum ellamkondum oru preshakanu manasil sookshikkanulla oru nalla cinema… Nithin Kallara 🙂

  8. sir , film is very nice one… god bless you, and i hope that you, boby sanjay, pratap pothan and pritvi raj will get film industry’s precious awards.

  9. Lal Jose New Film VERY VERY SUPER… A DOCTOR MUST see the film. and everybody in this world too. True and Commitment to work of Doctors, their greed for bribe and day today life of Kerala.



  10. Dear Lal Jose Sir,
    Yesterday only I could see your new movie ‘Ayalum…’ with my wife at Q cinema Vyttila. The house was full. And a lot of teens especially girls were available with their parents. no doubt this is a 100% clean movie and with that confidence all have come. This is a branded Lal Jose film and that was the only reason forced me to go for it. But the movie disappointed me. This is not for publishing in your blog. but sincerely wish you will make an introspection.

    1. a reputed cardiac surgeon, after putting steth 2-3 times say an emergency surgery is needed. suitable for 1970 cinema. without seeing previous medical reports and doing atleast some mediacl tests no doc can advise this during these days. For a film maker like you this was possible in 10-15 shots.
    2. Dr supriya was a student in the same medical college. there is no hint otherwise. but narein and babuji are not known to her. Ravi’s gang was very active in the campus and how can this be. no logic.
    3. when kerala has 100s of rural dispenseries for rural practice, why only in chirapunjee and munnar one seat each. on the other hand you could have made that ravi chosen munnar from hundeds of other places owing to the beauty of the place.
    4. ragging scene is dragging and boring.
    5. In self financing colleges there is no rural practice. it is only in govt mediacl colleges.
    6. why should a person powerful enough to accompany dr. samual in his rounds play a trick to get into the room of dr. ravi ( salimkumar’s entry scene).
    7. in a big hospital PS to MD is only a big steno. an internatinally reputed cardiac surgeon stepping into her small cubicle just because she has singed the purchase order. pleading with her just to be heard get out from her. picking her to a patient’s house. all cheap drama. here not the character but rema is dominant.
    8. allowing rema is go out after hearing all conspiracy is not digestible.
    9. performance of the new actress, mother of the heart patient child is astonishing. pathap pothen, remya are outstading. prithwi’s expression on hearing that samvritha is taken away by her dad is poor.
    10. dr ravi in a small gap when her husband go out, making the mother sign on the consent paper available on his table and puting it into the table and handing it over to police would have made the climax more logical.
    11. there are so many instances which are not suitable for today’s cinema.

    we do not expect such small small things from a film maker from you.

    again, i know this will not be published and this is not for publishing.

    best wishes and wating for your next movie.


  11. Dear Lal Jose,

    Had watched the movie ANT. Had gone to the the movie with an expectation to see something new. The movie was really a poetry. The movie remains in my mind even after 2 weeks of having watched it. The mood created for the movie was simply superb. While watching some of the scenes, I felt it was like watching a foreign movie. The music really has gelled extremely well with the movie. Camera work has been excellent and has lifted the movie to another level. It is Kudos to you for having visualized the movie in such a way and have presented us with a gem. I really have to tell here that you have grown so much as a director through this movie. Many of your earlier movies are really good but as a director, in terms of visualizisation and execution, this one really stands out. One glitch which could be pointed out are the climax sections, but those are minor ones. It could have ended also like a poetry without the press meet and things.

    Please continue to move like this by not repeating the themes and making style and continuing to bring out sensible and heart touching movies like this is future too. May God bless you.

  12. sasikumar..
    i had also seen the film ..with due respect 2 you i must say that most f the observations by you are stupid..
    no where n d mvie ts said that ravi studied n a pvt medical college..
    moreover in 96-98 period there was no pvt mc s n kerala…
    prithwi’s expression on hearing that samvritha is taken away by her dad was actually very good.
    pleading with her just to be heard get out from her. picking her to a patient’s house. all cheap drama..that scene was very touching..which made her and the audience realise what a poor quality valve/medicines wud cost a patient..

    to lj..
    now the strike s over,we request d makers 2 gv gud promotions for this good movie…all s not lost yet..
    in tn,a movie like chittiram pesum was re released after a lukewarm openinh and went on 2 become a superhit…

    so pls promote this mvie well post strike..coz this mvie deserves to be a big success

    all d best

  13. first of all “hats off ” to you sir..it was truely a tremendous attempt.i was so thrilled to watch prithviraj in such a matured role…..the role was really safe in his hands….prathap pothyan also deserves the bouquets of applause…..story itself is the hero…and sir let me inform you that the love tale between prithviraj and samvritha was really eyewetting because i have the same story in my life….not the entire one……we are seriously looking forward for the next movie of yours

  14. Dear lal jose,
    I was moved by the movie ayalum njanum thammil.Every scene was real.Each character is living. There is no element of fiction or fantasy anywhere in the movie.Even the dialogues were perfected as for instance “cirrhosis with portal hypertension and the in direct inguinal hernia, want the spelling?”. I am sure that every doctor would have gone through one phase or other of the movie. The only flaw in the movie that I can point is the third hand of Prithviraj copying in the exam which no sane medico would attempt.

  15. Sir,

    njan nirashanan.”ayalum njanum thamil”cinema “lal jose” passion’ nalliyilla.title pole cinema oru “thammil” effect make cheyyunnilla. Ed vimarshanamalla edellam thankalude cinemail ninnum njan pradeekshikunnu..vendum oru “lal jose passion” pradeekshkkunnu

  16. Saw the movie ….gud but i felt that u cud show some more intimacy in Samvritha’z and Prithviraj’s relation…that song is absolutely superb but still something missing..
    Also the college sequence, i didn’t feel the thrill of campus life in any of those shots..these are mere suggestions…overall a totally different movie from your side…Hatsoff..

  17. Watched the movie two months back.
    Through Prathap Pothan’s character we were able to understand the importance of medical profession. He was simply perfect in this movie.
    Cinematography and music was excellent. Prithviraj also needs special mention. The song Azhalinte azhangalil is simply beautiful. I think you gave a poetic touch to the movie and conveyed a good message

  18. Beautiful movie with a sensible message.

    Nice script,camera and above all direction
    Liked the song ‘Azhalinte…’
    The ambience created for PPs room & his acting

    Somewhere felt the college scenes may not be needed that much, gave the image of Classmates

    May Emmanuel too rock..

  19. Hai LJ
    Congrats on getting Award for Best director…U simply deserve it.Actually Kamal sir is honored when u gets a award…..Kamal again proves he can take good films…and also contribute best people like you to industry……..Guru vum shisyanum awards……Kudos to both…….God bless always….Looking forward to Immanuel….

  20. Sir,Excellent film.Sirinte oru film kandittu athu sir aanu cheithathu ennu parayan kazhiyilla.Sirintethaya oru kaiyyoppum sirinte oru filmilum illa.Njan oru 25 times e film kandittudakum. Direction,Background music,Choreography,Dialog super.Prathap pothan is super.Prithivi raj inte chila expressions super.

  21. sir i saw the movie ayalum njanum thammil on the releasing day itself. Wonder full work sir …especially that scene .. Ravi Tharakan telling sorry to the child by touching her leg.. I belive in you because of such awesome situations u create in your movie.. and obviously the perfect background music supporting the scene really make it incomparable.. I dont know how long.. but that scene will remain close to my heart for a long tym.. A very different story.. and last but not the least I like the movies like this …wer i can see my fav stars as normal person like us..Hope U ll do miracles again …

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