Aakasathinte Niram @Shanghai International Film Fest

Dr.Biju, Indrajith and producer Anil Kumar  with South Korean film maker Kim Ki-duk

Dr.Biju, Indrajith and producer Anil Kumar with South Korean film maker Kim Ki-duk

Here is wishing THE BEST to Dr.Biju for his directorial venture `Aakasathinte Niram, in competition in the fifteenth Shanghai International Film Festival happening these days. Indrajith has the claim to fame of being the only Indian actor shortlisted in best actor category playing the lead in Aakasathinte Niram.The film has been chosen among over 2,000 odd film entries as the final few to compete for the Golden Goblet Award.  Here Dr.Biju,  Indrajith and producer Anil Kumar are seen with the South Korean film maker Kim Ki-duk . Remember Kim Ki-duk with his poignant entries classified as visual poetry in IFFK year after year with all time favorites – Spring Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring, The bow, The Isle, 3 Iron, Time, Breath, Dream…and the list goes on…

Dr.Biju, Indran and team, all good wishes and prayers for the film!



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  1. HI i have not seen this diamond necklace film yet, but my dear friends has seen it, the reason why i have not seen yet is, my friends after seeing the film said dont go and see the film,, its nothing but Ur past. i don’t like to remember to get threw that my past, i am not a doctor as its in film , else everything is same but happened in India,i appreciate the story writer i dont know whether the story has been told by some 1. or his imagination, any have god bless the DIAMOND NECKLACE TEAM, MAY GREAT REWARD & AWARDS MAY COME TRUE.hope the team must go threw the characters(hero) past i mean child hood , i too have a one which…A 19 year old boy enters his life to do some business, and coming with zero income at the time when he realise what life is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i like to named that BLADE……………
    Thanks team .
    a well wisher

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