New stills of ‘Diamond Necklace’


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  1. dear lal jose sir.. i am thoroughly disappointed that you made a movie like spanish masala. i wouldnt have criticized it if it was made by some one else. but coming form a director who made movies like achanurangatha veedu, classmates and arabikadha, this was huge huge letdown be in terms of story, script, direction or as a whole. what new did you have to offer in this movie? i am surprised you promoted it so much. really disappointed. malayalam cinema is trying to bring back the golden era with movies like traffic, salt n pepper and beautiful. pls be a part of that group and dont dish out already seen 90s hindi movie stuff like spanish masala. i am a huge fan of yours and would love to see fewer but great quality movies like achanurangatha veedu and classmates from you. humble request…

  2. Dear Lal, I have heard malayalam actors in recent interviews talking about the dearth of sufficient cinema theatres in Kerala, especially for independent/low budget/new concept/non-super start movies. My question to you:

    1. why dont we see more multiplexes coming up in Kerala?
    2. Could digital delivery help in this regard?

    Hope you can clarify/share your views on this matter, when time permits….

  3. Dear Lal sir

    Thank you very much for a fantastic movie Diamond. Congrats and hats off to you, Fahad and the entire team. Just now came after 2nd show in Bangalore. All the viewers were thrilled.Reallya good movie.Thanx once again. Good luck

    Sunil Bangalore

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