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Hi Friends,

I saw the film `Beautiful’ directed by V.K.Prakash yesterday. I had seen `Swapna Sanchari’ a couple of days back. These two films reiterated my belief in Malayalam cinema. Those who have been singing praises of other language films should take note of these films that kindle our hope further in the art form!

Beautiful is as charming as its name. Swapna Sanchari is a film with a message.

Beautiful interests the viewer with novel story telling. There is no doubt that this film is the best so far from the director. Anoop Menon has positioned himself at an admirable status as script writer. And Jayasurya has selected the best role in his career through `Beautiful’! The performance of all main characters  by Jayasurya, Anoop,  Meghna and supporting roles by Tini Tom, Nandu and a host of other actors are commendable. For the way the story is told and the revelation of the plot through the characters, VKP and his young soldiers need to be given a big applause!! Hats off to you!


Lal Jose


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  1. good to see that the yung guns anup menon,jayasurya,prithviraj et al have started giving us gud mvies like beautiful,indian rupee,traffic..

    hats off to vkp,anup menon,jayasurya…..

    2011 s a gud year for malayalam cinema..will see beautiful from ekm cinemax tonite

  2. i saw swapnasanchari , yesterday in theatre. very nice film.yes laluchetta, people have to go theatre and watch this movie. hats off to kamal sirand brilliant acting by jayaram, salimkumar and samvritha. the film relys socaial message, about the living conditions of malayali and his dreams.i like the songs.happy to see about v k prakash, s film beautiful.

  3. swapnasanchari and`Beautiful’ supear moviees, anoop menon and jaysooriya perfect rool moviee in Beautiful , i saw two moviees. i requeast dafanatitily wach this moviees

  4. ya me to saw the movie Beautiful and i will say go and watch and make this a super hit to those guys who says there is no good movies in Malayalam…….and even sad that the movie is not getting released in more places ….all you guys see it and theater owners too please support this movie…..other wise Malayalam film is gone a die

  5. The film was refreshing. This is the way Malayalam Cinema should go.

    It would have been better if the scene where the Maid barges into the bedroom was not there. The expression of the couple is so ridiculous !! Also the director should have exercised more restraint in the views expressed in the Praveena scene. It is after all a U certificate film.

  6. Hi
    Very unfortunate I cant watch movie Swapna sanchari, I rush to Kripa theater on a day but the film was changed to Orkut – ormakutt then I turned to Ajantha to watch Arabiyum ottakavum madhavavan.. On the very next day I went to Sree to watch Beautiful. Nice movie, I also invited some of my close friends to watch it. To be honest, the movie was made on a strong passion or affection to the edge of the real story which happened to someone or an imagination of actual scenario. Sincerely say, both script writer and director has maintained the same wave length of communication on the entire phases of the movie, thats why It is Beautiful. I love it.
    Cheers. Baiju.

  7. Dear Lal Jose
    Please give JAYASURYA a good chance in one of your forth coming movies as a lead role. After all you didn’t give any chance to him after the thumping successful film “Class mates” which gave malayali’s to think upon their golden days of campus life.
    CR.Girijan Acharya

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