Delightfully Spanish!

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So far I have not spoken about my leading lady! Daniela Zacheri is a trained hip-hop dancer from Austria. She has completed one year acting course from UK film Institute. She naturally needed to be acclimatized to the kind of movements and acting familiar to Malayalee aesthetic. She has almost learned it by now and seems comfortable!

Nelson and Gopalan are the new members in the actors’ team from Kerala. Days and minutes are flying by. It feels like a huge new colourful kaleidoscope with a bunch of new elements added every moment!

We have two line producers – Miguel and Ceaser. Later Goyo took charge of directing the production crew. Maya from U.K is assisting him. (She is Spanish, though named Maya!!). She also assists with Spanish language related matters. As I have been sharing my concerns before shoot of two cultures, languages and different styles of operation; everything has been tough . But as we always say, believe in the goodness of mankind…things will start working out for better! And I think this shoot is a perfect example of our belief in almighty and fellow beings around! Thank you all!




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  1. padam vijaricha athra pora, pakshe pattukalum, chila comedy rengangalum nallathayirunnu, super camara and colorfull nayika adipoly anu.

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