A start so familiar….!

Shooting of Spanish Masala  started on First of August, in Madrid’s Jardines- de Sabatini. Switch on was done at the Roof top of the hotel. In Keralam, we usually light the traditional lamp, but as we were in Spain, there was a slight change from routine. Dileep lighted a candle and producer Noushad switched on the camera. Script writer Benny, Actors Biju Menon , Nelson and others along with Camera man Loganathan and the whole crew were present. Spanish – Malayalam translator Haritha and the rest of production personnel were there too.

We started with a song sequence of Dileep and Daniela. Though the summer is here in full strength, I was the least amused to see it drizzling as we started. All my friends in the crew had a smile.  From nowhere the clouds gathered and lo! It’s commonplace for all my films to get a rain or drizzle in the beginning as if Mother Nature is showering us with blessings!


10 responses

  1. Thanks a lot laluji for the live updates.
    I planned to come there during thsi month , but now I need to go to India for Onam.
    Will the schedule continue in September , October.
    Please inform.

    I am so excited.
    When is Chackochan joining?

  2. Only time will tell if the timing of this movie was appropriate. Since ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ was also shot in Spain and released recently, audience (though not much) would already have a feel of Spain. So one might not know what they’ll expect from your movie. Hopefully you’ll create another vista of Spain quite different from ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. Wishing you all the best ! 🙂

    When is the audio release?

  3. we were talking about rains at varsha vallaki and lo it happened.some things don’t change and isn’t it true that destiny chases no matter where you are.keep rocking!


  4. Best wishes for the project.
    Looks interesting. I am definitely sure that you can make more out of the backdrop of Spain than the tourist brochure in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

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