Thinking of Spain

Spanish Masala - Malayalam Film: Pooja Ceremony

After Pooja with Ranjan Abraham, Vidya Sagar, Nazim and R. Venugopal

I was in Madrid last month, on location hunt. Think of Spain, and off you swing to bull fights, football and the Flamenco dance. Theme of my new film, Spanish Masala has direct link to the lives of the people of Spain.

I think twice, before claiming this would be a visual treat; let me confess, I am not sure. But I am completely at ease about one thing- that is the feeling about emotions. People all over the world, be it in Spain, Kerala or elsewhere possess the same emotions at heart. Their way, style and mode of expression may differ. So you will see the emotions at work between two cultures, languages and lifestyles.

Whenever script writer Benny, actor Dileep, music director Vidya Sagar and me speak to each other after announcing Spanish Masala we are tense. I got this vibration from them that the expectation of our well wishers from this film is very, very high!! We feel it has only one reason, and that is our last collaborative effort – `Chandupottu’… In fact now I feel it has started making me even nervous! Dear friends… let me tell you, Spanish Masala needs to be a different film with all innate flavors to it.. We just hope we deliver the original spirit of the story of two human beings who chance upon each other away from this green God’s own land of ours!

I want to tell you about the Pooja of Spanish Masala. We did a quiet ceremony at Varsha Vallagi studio in Chennai on 13th July. It was attended by Vidya Sagar, Executive Producer Nazim, Editor Ranjan Abraham and very few well wishers. All my films except Classmates and Neelathamara had such solemn Pooja moments. Whenever we had Vidyaji in the team the Pooja was performed at Varsha Vallagi. The song composition is done. Now orchestration is in full swing. We hope all would appreciate the Music. As I told you R.Venugopal is the song writer, being with the advertisement world he also has penned for Club FM.

The funny, unusual thing this time was that I forgot to invite the actor who plays the protagonist in the film, to the event. Yes, forgot to tell Dileep about the occasion! Not just him but all actors including Kunchacko Bobban and Biju Menon….. Now you can imagine how they must have felt…After the ceremony I get a call from Dileep with genuine emotions for not telling the news. As you would be aware personally and professionally all of us are closely linked. Such omissions would definitely hurt. I told them that my home front had been in a bit of commotion with one of my family members getting admitted in a hospital during these days. And I was attending the event straight from the hospital. After Pooja I flew back to the same hospital. Dileep has been shooting in Ootty for his film `Mr.Marumakan’. Once we chatted, he was fine and we pacified each other. I wish his film the very best of receptions and Spanish Masala the same!

Among all my films only Neelathamara had a gala event for Pooja. Obviously the film demanded a different placement. Rest all were less talked about affairs. Now that the blessings are asked for, and offering made to the almighty please keep Spanish Masala in your prayers too!


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  1. Hello Sir ,

    All the best for new Project.Awaiting magic from great team..
    I am now at Sweden , close to Spain.

    Have you planned the shooting schedule.
    I will fly to Spain to see all you great people.

    Please inform the shooting dates.


  2. ലാലുജി എല്ലാവിധ ആശംസകളും നേരുന്നു. വിദ്യാജിയെ ഈ പ്രോജക്ടില്‍ ഉള്‍പ്പെടുത്തിയതിന് നന്ദി. വിദ്യാജിയുടെ സംഗീതം ഇല്ലാതെ എന്തോന്ന് ലാല്‍ ജോസ് ചിത്രം? എത്സമ്മയില്‍ തന്നെ അത് മനസ്സിലായിക്കാണും എന്ന് കരുതുന്നു.

    ഒപ്പം ഒരു അഭ്യര്‍ഥന സ്ക്രിപ്റ്റ് നല്ലവണ്ണം ശ്രദ്ധിച്ച് മാത്രം ചെയ്യുക. കഴിഞ്ഞ ആഴ്ച 4 ചവറാണ് (ഈ വാക്കിന്റെ പേരില്‍ കമന്റ് കട്ട് ചെയ്യരുത്, സത്യത്തില്‍ ഇതിലും മോശം വാക്കാണ് എഴുതേണ്ടത്) കേരളത്തിലെ സിനിമാതീയേറ്ററുകളില്‍ റിലീസ് ചെയ്തത്. സാറ്റ്‌ലൈറ്റ് റേറ്റ് മാത്രം നോക്കി മലയാള സിനിമ ഇറക്കുന്നെങ്കില്‍ എന്തിനാ തീയേറ്ററുകളില്‍ ഇവര്‍ റിലീസ് ചെയ്യുന്നതാവോ? ദിലീപിന്റെ ചിത്രവും കളക്ടറും മനുഷ്യമൃഗവും ഒക്കെ ഇരുന്ന ഇരുപ്പില്‍ പൊട്ടും എന്ന് ഉറപ്പായിരുന്നു. എന്നാല്‍ റിലീസിനു മുമ്പേ വലിയ പ്രതെക്ഷ നല്‍കിയ ചാപ്പ കുരിശെന്ന ചിത്രമാണ് ശരിക്കും പറ്റിച്ചത്. പാസഞ്ചറും, ട്രാഫിക്കും, സാള്‍ട്ട് ആന്റ് പെപ്പറും കൊണ്ടുവന്ന വ്യത്യസ്ഥതയെ ചാപ്പ കുരിശുകാര്‍ അമ്പേ അവഹേളിച്ചു കളഞ്ഞു.

    സത്യേട്ടന്‍ എന്താണ് പാചകം ചെയ്യുന്നത് എന്ന് ഊഹിക്കാവുന്നതെ ഉള്ളൂ, ഇനിയിപ്പോള്‍ നല്ല ഒരു ചിത്രങ്ങളുടെ കൂട്ടത്തില്‍ ഒരു പ്രതീക്ഷ താങ്കളുടെ പ്രോജക്ടിലാണ്.

  3. Good Team…. great banner… and a wonderful tittle… Expectations are more sir…. Hope You will meet it as always… wishing u & ur Team a very good luck….

  4. hallo laljose sir,

    i am waiting for this movie now all the trend movie setting movies in malayalam are making their places in safe positions and people have started to rush into the theatres and i wish that this spanish masala will rock the entire industry i hope the year for malayalam industry would be dashing so wishing you all the best sir…i have once seen you in amrita television channel @trivandrum for the cinema karyangal shoot you also blessed me to do my best in my career also sir your prayers are always with me sir i have poked you in face book also if you dont mind can you add me as your friend

  5. Two thumbs up Lalu etta… no scenic beauties, awaiting a fresh slice of Lal Jose film 🙂 Re. the missed communication with Dileep & others, well… but more importantly hope the family member is now feeling better and home.

  6. hi, gud 2 knw dat ur an active blogger…….i’m a movie buff and i like u simply bcoz u made some quality stuff in ur career……OMK, CD, RB, MEESAMADHAVAN, CHANDHUPOTTU, CLASSMATES, ARABIKKATHA , and dat kerala cafe one……(sorry, din’t c AV)

    some tips for ur new venture…..
    1. wen introducing another culture, the script is bound to drag…..make it slick, bcoz people r not affording even a very small drag except for romance (even romance is not getting dat advantage these days)….b very careful on dat

    2. arabikatha had some (may be..) similar scenes. Avoid those similar sequences. arabikatha had d advantage of dealing with some very topical issues which worked…….but i suppose spanish masala deals with love….Portraying love is ur area of strength but dis (i think) is a far riskier subject….even experts can burn their fingers…..

    3. spill d movie with liberal doses of humour (Bennys’ a gud writer)……for, gud subjects connect with malayalis only with d company of humour…ofcourse in flow with the movie…..

    4. hope u noticed the movie ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA…..spain has been captured splendidly in camera and a very gud movie too…..try to better the visuals in dat movie.(malayalathodulla thalparyakkooduthal kondanennu kootikko). if u hav’nt seen it……do watch it….the scene between farhan and the girl from spain @ bed was cute…

    5.B clear which type of audience ur catering to…..u knw d result if u try making one movie for all types of audience……

    6.lastly, if u can pleasantly surprise viewers,(for example through some cute romantic scenes etc etc )…..success is guaranteed.

    7. please don’t attempt the movie, if it contains ONLY regular old stuff/cliche dialogues.

    i knw, a director of the caliber of lal jose need not b told wat 2 do…..still its a reminder, bcoz i like all of u behind dis project- u, benny, dileep(i feel dileep is best utilised in lal jose movies) , vidhyasagar (one of my favourite music dir)…….and ofcourse MALAYALAM CINEMA

    i also hav criticisms about ur films (those not mentioned above), will tell it if ever we become frenz…..AND one mor thing…..y d’nt u bring bak Ranjan Pramod….he’s such a talented writer

    BEST OF LUCK for spanish masala….bye

  7. Dear Lal,
    yet we are waiting for a beautiful and meaningful movie from the old team. all the best for your new venture and by heart I pray for the commercial success of the movie. Lalji, the title resemblance to china town, but its deferent, I suggest we should be proud of our mother tongue Malayalam-also we should promote it by this kind of media.As I hear Tamil movie names are having some subsidy in TN, and thats why they are searching for Tamil Names. Any how, I wish you all the success for you as a film maker. God bless you

  8. Hello Sir,

    I am Anish from Spain, living in Madrid for last 3 years. I am big fan of you and Dilleep.

    Here we have only few malayaees, we are so excited about this movie. When are you going to start the shooting in Madrid? We are so eager to see you and your team. All the best………..

    Anish K Nair,

  9. സസര്‍
    ഇതിന്റെ തിരകഥ നന്നായി ഹോം വര്‍ക്ക്‌ ചെയ്യണേ പ്ലീസെ. തിരകഥ നല്ലതെങ്ങില്‍ പിന്നെ മൂവി നന്നാവും എന്ന് അങ്ങയുടെ പഴയ മോവീസ് കണ്ടാലറിയാം കഴിഞ്ഞ സിനിമ(എല്‍സമ്മ എന്നാ അന്കുട്ടി) യുടെ പോരായ്മ അതാരുന്നു..പിന്നെ Ann agustine ഒരു അന്കുട്ടിയി (കാഴ്ച്ചയിലല്ല ) ഫീല്‍ ചെയ്തില്ല

  10. ലാല്‍ജോസ് ചേട്ടാ
    ഇതിന്റെ തിരകഥ നന്നായി ഹോം വര്‍ക്ക്‌ ചെയ്യണേ please . തിരകഥ നല്ലതെങ്ങില്‍ പിന്നെ മൂവി നന്നാവും എന്ന് അങ്ങയുടെ പഴയ മോവീസ് കണ്ടാലറിയാം കഴിഞ്ഞ സിനിമ(എല്‍സമ്മ എന്നാ അന്കുട്ടി) യുടെ പോരായ്മ അതാരുന്നു..പിന്നെ Ann agustine ഒരു അന്കുട്ടിയി (കാഴ്ച്ചയിലല്ല ) ഫീല്‍ ചെയ്തില്ല

  11. Hi

    After reading your blog ( i must admit, i accidentally bumped into this one and none the less thought I should have a look ), I must admit that it felt a little strange that Malayalam cinema concepts are rising and gone are the days where in every movie focued oncasting a superstar with mushy dialogues :)…(sorry, am not a huge fan here! so apologies beforehand…

    All the very best and now that fate has intervened and i have started reading your blog, hope to hear more …

    Prathibha Nair

  12. Hi..

    All the best for the new project.. Spain is a wonderful location , in fact I had visited some part of Spain as a part of my Job. I am working for an IT company based in Spain(Pamplona). Pamplona is famous for the greatest event, Bull race (SAN FERMIN). This year festival was from July 06-15.

    This place is the capital of Navarra , which is located in the north of Spain. It has borders with the Eastern Pyrenees which form the border with France (high mountains, skiing, adventure sports…) and the Atlantic Pyrenees to the Northeast (milder climate, beautiful villages…). …near the Pyrenees. The Sierra de Aralar and Urbai national parks are also within Navarra; Tierra Estella is located in the southwest where the Camino de Santiago with its monasteries, chapels and art can be found; La Ribera is located in the south where there are prehistoric, Roman, Moorish and medieval remains; Mid-Navarra is well known for its historic monuments, valleys, fields and olive groves.

    Navarra has a beautiful impressive landscape perfect for rural tourism and sports such as horse riding, fishing, skiiing and golf. There are also some hunting reserves….

    If its possible just think about a shoot in Pamplona.

  13. hello sir..

    the real flavour of spanish masala have already started to inspire my taste buds…[though i never gave a try to any spanish dish..;-) ] the sincerity in ur efforts have always given u the rewards and y nervous?.?keep goin..

    there z a group of people who really believe in your talent … Well the expectations,,ofcourse.will be very high as the state of mind the viewers reach once v get out of theatre is refreshing.. music has always been awsome..nd hope it will be so in coming projects too..

    good luck sir..

  14. sir,after Arabikkatha, all your films doesn’t give importance to story.Instead it focussed on the over-all treatment.Please change this style sir.Create a visual treat after building a heart touching story.Then only you can produe movies at the rangeof classmates,achanurangatha veedu….Hoping Spanish masala belongs to that category.

  15. Laluchetta

    Chanced upon your blog today when searching for the lyrics for “Anuraga Vilochananayi….”!! And,what a find !! Immediately added this to my “favourites”… Being a hardcore movie buff cum aspiring actor I have always loved your movies… Simply loved “Randam Bahavam”…easily one of the best suspense thrillers Indian cinema has ever produced…We (me alongwith a couple of my close” friends who share the same wavelength when it comes to movies) consider you as one of the 3 directors who can be called ‘real’ hopes for malayalam cinema after the likes of Padmarajan and Bharathan…(the other two being Ranjith and Roshan Andrews)…

    Keep making good movies as you always do… Waiting eagerly for “Spanish Masala”….Keep updating your blog….

    One last question… When do you plan one with lalettan (of course my favorite)?? Please do so that he gets reminded of the pleasure an actor feels when associated with a good movie and what a great actor he is….


  16. Laluchetta

    Missed to mention a couple of things…

    – simply loved S.Kumar sir’s comment above…Good to have people in our cinema with such uncompromising attitudes when it comes to aesthetic sense…
    – Please also consider making your next with a Ranjan Pramod script…Sure it’ll weave magic when great talents come together…

    -Sorry for posting lengthy comments…Got a little too excited…


  17. we r waiting for good movies….i think “spanish masala” is entered into massive hit film chart bcz the team behind in it…

  18. All the very best sir! I am sorry to say that I am one of those who have high expectations of this film. Sir expectations kootenda ennu parenju munkoor jamyam edukkuvonnum venda 🙂 You will do just fine. Your track record tends to suggest that you will win our hearts yet again.

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