Writing by Rafiq Ahmed

Oru Award Yathra

Dear Friends

The above write up is simple and straight. Rafiq in his humble, characteristic style effortlessly reaches the target. Sharing this I thought would make many of us think and act!




10 responses

  1. Very good write up. Rafeeq sir ,personally saying sorry for the bad experience you had at my hometown. as you said we should have a data record of the number of awards for a year. seems like there are lot of award nights and whoever attends get a award. so its like”’award for attending the function”..
    thanks laluetten(‘lalunni’) for publishing this beautiful write up in your blog.

  2. Lalsir,

    Many talented people might be experienced such a bitter situation which is not supposed to happen. I appreciate your mind to share this one.

  3. award vivaadangalkkidayil ithu verittoru award katha aayi. Even though Srinivasan has specifically documented that Udayanaanu thaaram, people are always dogging behind glitz and glam. a writer, director, cinematographer like less-glam-guys are being poked aside. (Sometimes may not a director as by chance he might spot u for hitting the screen). who cares talent? otherwise wt is the use of the torrents of award nights telecast in the channels in every weekends with the support of some pranchiettans ..

  4. എന്തു പറയാനാ സാര്‍……..ആതമാഭിമാനം നഷ്ട്ടപ്പെട്ട വേദന, അതു എത്ര വലുതാണെന്ന് ഞങള്‍ക്കറിയാം. ആ വരികളില്‍ ഞങള്‍ക്കതു വായിക്കാം

  5. Thanks for the write up Lal Sir. I know Rafeeq Sir Personally, he is really very simple human being…. No Jaada… Nothing, I met him personally couple of times… When I met him first time, I too could not believe that he is the person got the state aware for the best lyrisist…. How simple he is….. I think, noone can write a poem after completing a course or something, that talent should have to get from the god itself.. in the case of Rafeeq Sir, he is such a person blessed by the almighty… I didn’t read or listen his Kavithakal… but we can understand his talent from the Varikal of his songs….. No doubt, he has to go further a lot and lot.. all the very best rafeeq Sir….

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