“Celebrate Keralam”



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  1. This is great.
    All the wishes sir.
    But why you kept the URL as celebrate’kerala’.in and The program title is Celebrate keralam .I think we should propagate the word Keralam.Right?

  2. I agree to Jikku’s comment.

    The website layout is impressive. Waiting for the launch of the website as I would like to know more about this project.

    All the best for this new Venture. May this dream bloom soon and be a great success.

    with love & prayers,


  3. it seems to be a history.
    I agree with the Jikku Varghese.the actual name of our state is keralam.Not kerala.if we are trying to spread the fragrance of our state we must first keep the name name of our state in proper manner.we think we can add addition domain celebratekeralam.in to this.please accept his suggestion.

  4. Hi folks thank you fro support and suggestions as jikku has said Website http://www.celebratekeralam.in and com will be available soon.. we welcome ur suggestion and participation…..Join the Facebook page and the official sites… win exciting prizes…Like Music CD’s, T Shirts,3D Lenticular prints, Backpacks, Tribal Musical Instruments, Photo Prints, , GPS, Photography expeditions and lot more…..


  5. Lalu chetta…. excellent initiative…
    BTW i happened to see the entire episodes of “cinema karyangal” in youtube… paripadi uddeshikkunna karyangalekkal kooduthal aa pgminte nanmayaanu enne kooduthal aakarshichathu….dupe krishnettan kannu nirayichu….
    all the best for all ur endeavours….

  6. Priyapetta jose sir,
    divasavum google search enginil kayari oru thavanayenkilum keralam,malayalam ennokke type cheyyunna njan kurachu naal munpaanu ee site kandathu…kittiya vazikku kootukarodokke paranju
    Athikam valichu neetunnila, ee manohara ashayathinu sthuthi
    amarakkaranu nandi…
    parupadikku bavukangal….

  7. Maaashe,

    All the best for this venture. So many kearalites deserve to be the
    Brand Ambassador.of our small state….so this wil be a meeting point of all of them.But celebrate kerala…ithil oru malayaalitham illllaaaa…..i would prefer it to be ” kairali ye ariyu”….i want all even the
    foreginers to pronounce the same…. they should search for what it means…
    duabi yile Mammotty parayum pole ” nammude bhaasha ini sayipu padikkanam……” any way they will learn…. pakshe i am concerened about our new gen kids who will find it hard …Kudos to team…

    pinne oru request koodi….

    As we enter enter the site ” Mela perukkam kelkkanam”…
    i mean play the audio clip of chenada melam…nammude paandiyum panchaariyum okke musnagatteee…also aa chenda kottunna image let it be a animated GIF i meant it needs to be moving…..also play sopana sangeetham by njeralathu .in background ennale oru maja varooo…..ippo ithu chaplinte oru nishabdha movie pole undu…… aaarppoooo…irrooo vilikalum…”Thachu kollunne vilikalum” ……mukharithamakkaanam ee site ne..pls do it its my humble request……


  8. ലാല്‍ ജോസ് സാറേ..ഒരു ചെറിയ സംശയം.AVIAL, MOTHERJANE തുടങ്ങിയ മ്യൂസിക്‌ BANDS ഇല്‍ നിന്നും എന്ത് “കേരളീയ” പൈതൃകം പഠിക്കാനാണ്….?
    വളരെ നല്ല ഒരു സംരംഭം ആണ്…എല്ലാ വിധ ആശംസകളും…

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