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  1. വിജയക്കുതിപ്പു തുടരുന്ന എല്‍സമ്മയ്ക്കും സംഘത്തിനും എല്ലാ ആശംസകളും……..

  2. First of all hearty congrass Lal sir for this great movie. it is realy wonderful. i feel very sorry that i could not become a part of this film due to my exam. Lal sir , u have created another history in the malayalam film industry …

  3. so far all your films are super.I wish to bring in your attention on some song matter.I heard an interview of SInger K.G MARKOSE
    in ASIANET RADIO DUBAI.He sang more than 10000 christian devotiotional song and 5000 mappila pattulkal in many cassetes
    but in film not even a single song of this category given by malayalam film industry.That words was touchable for me.Thats why
    iam bringing your kind attention.in 2009 november i attended a song
    programme of Markose in Dubi St:thomas cathedral.He sang Mana ho tum,Kya hua Tera.etc.MR.B.R shetty was the chief guest.He specially appreciated Markose.
    With Regards-Thomas,Dubai

  4. Hi Laljose,

    I am living in USA.I have seen “ELsamma enna ankutty” last week from the net.Once again you have given a good movie with humor .Jagathy ,Kunjakko and Indrajith are showing good performance. waiting for your new movie..All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Manoj Menon

  5. Lal Sir, your Elsamma was very good. You discovered the real talent in KUNCHACKO BOBAN. He has talent enough to be a superstar, provided he gets chance with good directors. Can any malayalam actor claim the kind of success he received for his debut film ANIYATHIPRAVU for their debut films? Dilip is now a super star more because you gave him many movies including MeesaMadhavan which changed his destiny. Also for Prithviraj, is it not CLASSMATES that gave Prithviraj an edge over CHACKOCHAN? I AM A GREAT FAN OF YOU AND ALSO CHACKOCHAN. Please give more opportunities to KUNCHACKO BOBAN… KERALA LOVES HIM

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