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  1. I went to see this movie with my 3 kids- (my third is under 2 )after i put dinner for my in laws , after a tired sunday- with a terrible headache. Secretly i wished that the movie was a regular one- so that i can sleep thru it. No I didn’t sleep thru it. And i cant sleep now. I am so happy that my kids could experience the village life like i experienced it. i kept telling them about Padmarajan-Bharathan-Hariharan . after this movie i hope they understand this better.

    thank you. Good Job.

  2. Dear Lalu sir,
    Elsamma kandu,nalla cinima thanne;18.5%sradha koodi undaayirunnenkil ennashichupooyi.paalunnikku good salute.oru paattu seen anikku ishtapettilla.Padam naattil nannaayi oodum.yuvajanaththinum familikkum nannaayi ista pettennu parayunnu.AAN Kuttykkum,Aan kuttikkum vijayaashamsakal.

  3. Dear Lal Jose,

    Your filims are very nice. You are always dealing with verity of matters. That is a good sign.

    Once I visited your site, that was in CMS college, the site of Classmates. But you were very busy and I couldn’t get a chance to ask you a chance in your filim….

    Any way we will meet once….

    Best regards,


  4. sir,movie is not well.the peculiarity of your movies is that you keep something hidden in the movie which can’t be gussed from trailors or posters.but elsamma is an exception.most of the content can be gussed from the trailors.

  5. Sir, like many, watched the movie few days back. The theatre was packed and thus every one liner joke was very much applauded and enjoyed by all. It was a visual treat with lovely background music. Jagady was brilliant and so was Indrajith. You gave him a very young look and thus Indrajit looked as if he is a college fresher. Good job. One song could have been avoided (the one with dancers dressed as butterflies/flowers on the huge rock). Otherwise it was a lovely experience since I am watching a movie at the theatre after 2 years and I am very glad I chose a good one!!!

  6. adipoliyayittund cinema. but oru song mathrame nannayittullu athmathram shraddichirunnenkil superayene.. enkilum rand pravashyam njan cinema kandu

  7. satyam…!

    jeevithathil apratheekshithamaayi ingane , jeevithathinte peruvazhiyil prathyakshappedum.
    avare orala allenkil ,mattoral kandethuka thanne cheyyum.

    m.t.yude vaakukal kadamaayi eduthirikkukayaanivide.

    nandi, laal saar..

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