Elsamma enna aankutty Posters


15 responses

  1. Superb movie by Laljose nd team…………. natural scenic beauty of idukki is very much depicted in this movie .New face Ann plays a very unusual role ….. Chakochan is simply superb..long time Since had a feel of seen a gud movie GREAT……………….

  2. hello sir,
    As usual u doesn’t make us bored.A superb movie from the most promising director from malayalam film industry.One minor defect i find in the movie is the absence of a strong story.Its a combination of many stories.
    Also the performance of ann is superb.Kunjako n jith are in their natural style.I thank u for giving us such a beautiful movie….
    Regards.hoping reply from you sir…..

  3. Hi Sir
    The shooting location was our native Mundanmudy….We are eagerly waiting to watch movie….As we are abroad we cannot watch movie in the theater…..after some months hope it will upload in the youtube…..

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