I am unable to blog… but you don’t forget to check!!

My Dear Friends,

I am totally aware that you are looking out for updates on progress of shooting. It is very unfortunate not to be in constant touch. We are behind schedule due to rains. And hence a lot of rescheduling and gap-filling is happening… Kindly be patient…I know I don’t need to say that!! All your comments show you are fervently praying for Lal Jose and team! Meanwhile you can look through the following links to be updated on daily news, images and videos of Elsamma enna Aankutty.

Please check

News in www.marconimalayalam.com

Elsamma enna aankutty Film Blog

and add facebook friendship


Hope to be in touch soon,

Take Care and Love



11 responses

  1. Hi Lal Jose,
    We all are seen your new movie Elsamma………..
    In my point of view, it was a OK movie.I am realy appreciate you, for bring new people in this industry……good job & keep it up this in your all life ……………
    Los Angeles,California.

  2. Hi Lal

    i watched ur movie “Elsamma” thanks for presenting a marvelous Family story. there is nothing new in the movie, but its exceptional. i am not satisfied some of the shots of ur crews on the screen, but in totallity it si one of the best film in kerala.

    thanking you

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