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  1. wish you a happy new year(belated).. sir.. definitely 2009 is a recalling year from Lal Jose.. PuramKazchakal..& Neela thamara…you have done both films with your blessed finger touch….

  2. Dear Mr. Laljose,

    Please maintain quality as you have always done in coming movies. There is only couple of directors who do so like you and Renjith. Please do not make any compromise on quality for the sake of commercial elements..Wishing you all the best for a new year and new endeavors. Waiting for great movie from you.

  3. hi Lal jose.. If I say im a fan of urs it will look like just another statement from another stranger…I must say I have been learning from your films— be it mulla or the latest neelathamara the basics of acting… I am a wannabe actor and trying to reach out to you thru diff means.. may be since I dont have a godfather I am a bit skeptical… Hope to meet u in real once !!Kudos Sir.. my salutes for the director in you and for the wonderful films and songs that you give us…

  4. Even it was a small film with a very short duration; – ‘Puramkazhchakal’ was so touching.. bit painful throughout the story.. haunted by true moments of a love.. and gave a shock in the end..

    Neelathamara – was not a great film at all.. not any good moments left to remember …but presentation was excellent.. good location.. nice costumes.. good music.. thats it…a simply crafted film …thanks..

    above all are my opinion about both films..

    expecting an outstanding flick from your end ..



  5. Lalu, came to know from one of ur recent interviews how dear is the project ‘Mazhavarapokuthu’ to you…we all are waiting for that to happen…best wishes

  6. Hi sir,

    nice to meet u via ur blog. I had seen all films from u.
    I am a pg student at coimbatore. my place is near cherpu,thrissur.
    I am ardent fan of good films. I like to b a part of good films.

    Frankly can u b my mentor for my debut in making good films.i would be grateful to work with u as assistant.

    lookin forward for ur reply

    Thank u sir for giving us good films n good songs

  7. Dear Mr. Laljose,

    I saw Neelathamara on DVD today with my wife.

    We have also seen the original film. Let me congratulate you on the fine craftsmanship that you have shown. I am a CA, not skilled in making a film, but if I could, I would have made a film the way you have made Neelathamara.

    The photography, the locations, the songs, the feel of the film, the way it shows Kerala’s culture; every frame, every inch is perfect. Neelathamara is also an emotional film for many of us (I am 47), as it brings back memories of our past and the times.

    Do continue to make such films. There are very few people in my opinion in Malayalam cinema who are as skilled as you are. Once again, my congratulations to you and your unit. Such a fine film.


  8. dear lal-G

    congratz for of all u done it.
    may the almighty take u there upto ur dream level..!

    keep rockinG


  9. lalu chetta,

    what happend to your “mazhavarappokuth”.when it will going to be release.all the best to your future projects.

    thanking you
    ribin ram

  10. Elsamma enna ankutty is a very good film. all the actors have done their part well. Especially the credit goes to Ann, Jagathy Sreekumar, Kunchako Boban, Indrajith, Nedumudi venu etc then the story writer, the place selected. It is an year since we saw a ggod film. Franchiyettan not up to the mark. first half is utter boring.

    To Lal Jose

    From Suvarna

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