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  1. Nice picturization.. but songs not up to the mark… with Asai Asai rehashed beats, plus singers not sure on malayalam language… little disappointment from the part of music… I expected a biggie from this movie.. especially from vidyasagar-lal jose team

    • It was not AAsai Beats Jibi,,The rythm mite be same….And The singers had sung it pretty well than any mallu singers now…..Vidya sagar Defenitely Matches the Expectation////

    • The picturization was superb .. In the same time the songs were outstanding , especially the female voice . This song was sang by Shreya ghoshal , four time national award winner . Even though she is a bangali , i think she sang fantastically well . If u r comparing Adnan sami (‘Chanchadi aadi urang nee – Makalkku’) with shreya , u will get an idea how perfect she sang this song

  2. Just took a look at your blog. Read some old stuff too. Have just started blogging. Wanted to find out on my own how to blog and did it, with some ‘vaashi’. Only, it has a funny name. Common Woman at cherkada.blogspot.com. When no name was found to be accepted, I was angry and said, cherkada!
    Have just put my review of Kerala Cafe the one that came in Metro Plus on my blog. Want to talk to you about Neelathamara later. Bye…

  3. Hi Leletta,
    U are a talented film director with a great music sence.Dont get stuck in anywhere at any circumstances u have a long way to go…….All the best.
    Randambavam is the best among all ur films.I mean my favorite…..

  4. laluvetta good song….expecting a ever remembering classic in malayalam….as the actors are not popular please make a good promotional work before releasing…this movie want to be noticed..no lack of promoyions should effect the movie

  5. its a beautiful song…thank u lal jose sir for giving a beautiful malayalam song with magical voice of singers. i think the female singer is shreya ghoshal…

  6. Hi,

    I have heard all the songs of Neelathamara……….just awesome……..not able to express it………vidayasagar is just gr888……a gr8 music director like arr n ilaya raja…….but nt gettng enough recognition…………i respect you for bringing vidyasagar and giving great melodies like this…….d picturisation of ‘anuraga’ is also awesome………a new feel of love……….

    once again hats off 2 vidyasagar and lal jose for their gr8 combo……..pls dnt break dis………u both shud be together in all films………..cheers.

  7. Dear Sir,
    Got to hear the songs of Neelathamara. All of them are really beautiful. Special mention; Anuraaga vilochananaayi… luved it from first hearing.

    Searched for the singers names, but invain since it is not mentioned anywhere. Can you please inform who all are the singers.

  8. Really Good Songs getting a good mood …superb composition….All the best our prays always with you lal jose sir….lovely…like very much…

  9. Lalu sir Songs are nice .especialy anuraga…..I think vidyaji had used some manual instruments in the songs Neelathamare…Thats getting realy some good feelings……..

  10. jose etta ….u have again created a superb movie …i should say the film is just a flashback to child hood….and what cinematography…excellent job ….the movie really gives us a pleasent greenaryy…thankkk for creating such a movie….good job dude…

  11. Shreya HAv Rocked again…she is singing better than our mallu singers..Balram as well….Nice Picturisation…Vidyasagar jst done the justice for the movy

    Grt….Lal Jose..U will do it again

  12. This Song is really a heart touching one…
    Vidya Saagar is the man… All the best for the crew..
    Lal Jose till date havent breaked our expectationss either with the direction or the songss,,,My hearty Congratulationsss for keeping the good work

  13. Loved the song, its simplicity and the period effect, but hero’s styling could be more retro. Song is beautiful, but the rhythm could have been more classy than techno beats. Vocals are good, but songs is having a typical hang-over of ‘Karimizhi kuruviye’ and ‘Aasai Aasai’ – expected an original score from this movie. Looking forward for the movie.

  14. grahaturathvam unarthunnu………. itz so nice tat i hav no words….. the girl & boy really suit 4 the song………. nice creation by vidyasagarji………..

  15. oh…laletta the song anuraga vilochananayi..is really a beautiful song..hope the movie wil be more beautiful than the song…hope to expect more movies like this..

  16. Hi LalJose, You have done it again. Lal jose + Vidya Sagar = Super Hit Songs!!

    You are one very rare species left in Malayalam Film Industry who has genuine passion to make movies for own satisfaction that can be converted into commercial success. Yes, I believe “Achanurangatha Veedu” was a very good movie and got back what the producer spent on it as the movie made in shoe string budget.
    Wish you all the best for your new venture “Neelathamara”, let it blossom even better than before.

    I just loved the song “Anuraga Vilochananaayi” from the first time I listened to it on TV. What a lovely song composed by Vidya Sagar. He is one blessed Music Director who has been molested by few Tamil movie directors. I think he is potentially much better MD than what we currently see! I just can’t get how the h e l l he manages to get the tune of Malayalam native!? Being a Tamilian one expects songs from him that has Tamil rhythm dissolved in it, but almost all his Malayalam movies are great pieces of mastery with Kerala soul infused in it. Especially movies he teamed up with Lal Jose. Hats off to Vidya Sagar. Hats off to Lal jose too, for giving us such marvelous songs that lasts long in mind unlike some new songs that has no meaning and tune but bare beats and bass.

    The picturisation of the song also left a numb in my throat as I realized now what all I lost during my childhood! I am an old guy who is turning out to be 29 on this November 29th 2009!

  17. Dear LalJose,

    From the day one, you team published the wallpapers in Internet, I was so much excited to see the movie. The still photography is some what awesome. I am waiting for the movie .
    I sketched almost all the still photos. That much I am inspierd.
    Thanks a lot !
    And my best wishes for you and your wonderful team !


    Anoop Chandran
    Diera, Dubai.

  18. “Anuraga vilochananaay”… From neelathaamara
    is avery nice song. Those who likes the varities will definitely enjoy this. Picturisation is too good.
    There is something in this song which will keep u listen again and again. I am sure.

  19. Hai Lal Sir, Anuraaga Vilochananayi superb picturization…Vijay ulaganath work is fine..but song not upto your old hits.may b it will reach while the film released…good work with MT sir…

  20. Dear Lalji,

    As usual nice picturisation from your part,nice rhythm,good song,but not up to the vidya,s lelvel.Waiting for other songs.Hope the picture would be good.
    Dont comprimise on the typical film gimmicks.Expecting a lot from you.
    And one personel thing try to control your weight.
    Bijoy Menon

  21. ആദ്യമായി ലാല്‍ജോസ് സാറിന് എന്‍റെ അഭിനന്ദനങ്ങള്‍ അറിയിക്കട്ടെ!
    നീലത്താമരയിലെ പാട്ടുകള്‍ ഏറ്റവും ഭംഗി നിറഞ്ഞവയാണ്..

  22. i am a great fan of vidyasagar.i like all the songs done by vidya ji in malayalam and especially the combination of laljose and vidya ji.i would like to request you lal sir dont ask other music dir to play music in your films.lal-vidyasagar great combination.keep going…………………………

  23. Anuraga vilochanayayi very good song , nice picturisation ,
    we are expecting like these songs from you,
    but its some part or music feel like repeat of other a song
    who is he singers?
    when this movie gonna release

    all d best

  24. Dear Lal,

    This is wonderful song. You brilliantly picture romance. What a close capturing of feelings! Great work.

    Waiting for the movie.

    best regards,

  25. ANURAAGA…touches each person who had love or who r loving…and am sure each one wanted to be loved by like this at least for ONCE!!!!!!!!!awesome work sir!!!!!actress archana did good work,but i love to see a beautiful eyes like our old actress madhavi……….eyes should be acttractive ……..for a girl 🙂
    thank u soo much for giving g8t song..hope movie will show the same effect.best wishes sir!!!!

  26. I accidently watched this song yesterday.. From them I already listened to this song more than 10 times.. Very nice song.. Nice music.. Really good..

  27. lal sir super……….after priyadharshan & satyan anthikad who will be in malayalam filim ? We got a correct answer ……..that is one and only the great lal jose ………

  28. I watched d movie neelathamara….
    Picturisation and songs of the movie was excellent…
    But… The climax has broken all my expectations about the movie…
    I’v some questions abt d movie. Cud u answer me?

  29. very nice movie … hearty congrats to u “Sir” and the team.
    After a long time i gor a opportunity to see a lively, smooth, simple and close to heart movie … the film is just amazing and simplicity is just beyond our mind .. hats off to “MT” sir also … 🙂

  30. Neelathamara was superb….the way u told the story was too good and excellent cast, melodious songs….right now i am hearing the song..anuragavilochananayiii(i have lost count how many times I have heard this song)…its too good,haven’t heard a nice song with such beautiful lyrics recently…hats off to vidyasagar and Vayalar Sarathchandra varma…guess ur favorite is KAPI raagam…looking forward for such beautiful work again in future


  32. d songs r really gr8888……!!!!!!!!! but can anyone say who is d male singer plzzz……i asked so many…but nobody knows…..who is dat mystery singer…?????????//

  33. when i heard the song anuraga vilochanan ayye, i just thought varun-my lover. it’s a romantic song for all listeners especially-lovers like i and my sweet and handsome varun……

  34. Very nice song. Of course, you need to hear it a couple of times to like it more. Another song in Kapi raga. Aasai aasai, Thumbi va, Kadhal rojave, Varamanjaladiya raavin…

  35. lalu chetta
    i loved the song anuraaga vilochananaayi and it is stealing my heart
    archana and kailaash are excellent.
    hoping more beautiful actors in malayalam and wonderful movies also

  36. I must say both the singers shreya and Shree kumar sang the song very well. Great music – great picturisation .. Lets hope the movie gets released here soon : (

    Great work.


  37. welldone laljose…
    especially picturization of the songs…its amazing..
    and also the singers,,,especially sreya and sree kumar’s voce..!
    hats off to u and Mt sir

  38. HELLO LAL,


  39. Dear sir,

    I really congrats ur sharp view and done clarity of the neelathamara,the

    stills are so sexy and congrats you from my heart.

  40. Lalu chetta,
    Thanks for done a very good work…………………
    Very nice song (anuraga………). Lalu chetta most of the time i used to hear that song.b’cos that song’s lyrics and picturisation so lovely…

  41. kure kaalathinu shesham manassil thangi nilkkunna oru song thannathinu oru paadu thx…film ithu vare kaanaan pattiyittilla kandittu abipraayam parayaaam…thx laaleetta

    • Blue Lotus

      The moon is in fantasy of love
      -more passionate
      -waiting upstairs is in hurry???
      In a rush to go downstairs for a long time
      The flower in its extreme beauty
      -watching that full moon of its seventeen’s
      -why, why unconsciously its petal trembles???
      In a new glitter and a catnap

      In my mischievous and cheerful reverie
      -the tender coconut milk flew in chill
      My eyes are eagerly seeking something
      -in the meadow embraced by sunlit and shadow
      Is it the concealed dismay within???
      Is it the great pleasure to meet???
      We spend together by the shore in vain
      Departure increases my heartbeat???
      The season is somber now???
      Your silence will end???

      In my tendon where the river and rain pat
      -always fills with ecstasy
      Oh! My blue lotus why did you forget to blossom
      -at the threshold of my mind???
      While shyness bloomed again and drops
      While stay continuously listen the tune
      Night went alone away
      With the fragrance of this sweet flower
      With the splendor of my night dreams
      Shall we meet again???

      by Ne aaz

  42. Laluji,
    I think Randambhavam is your best film as a director.The only flaw i found in that film is casting thilakan in that villain role.See lal’s charecter in black. There should be a screen chemistry between hero(Suresh gopi) and Thilakan(villain).Otherwise the film is superb. Only Ramgopal verma ( as in company ) can do this in that shade. Wht a lighting pattern you used in that film.Very fascinating.

    Roy Augustine

  43. Anuraaga Vilochananayi …. song awasome….I loved the camera and theme work and Vayalar music saga is great…..shreya sang well thats a wonder …. great music by vidya sagar…. forget not to mention Archana… She has beautiful eyes….. I am seeing the song cont 20 th time in y tube………

  44. Hi Lal,
    First of all says a MABROOK for all your previous work,All your movies are awesome! As a viewer, i was bit disappointed on the climax of neelathamara..
    Good luck for Cousins..May God Bless

  45. Dear Sir,

    First and foremost, I apologize in posting an appreciation for you and everyone else who made this movie possible, so late in the day. I know I’m 2 years late, but as they say “Better Late Than Never”. I guess its just fate that I saw the movie a couple of days back on Surya TV, the first Malayalam movie I have seen in about 18 or so months. I have been finding out a lot of stuff on this movie since then on the internet. Believe me, I was honestly surprised when I came to know that the female lead was a girl who was a NRK (Non Resident Keralite) and a Delhite to boot, like me. Congratulations to you for the way you have molded her into the role. It was a surprise to me that i have seen a Malayalam movie more than twice and that honor goes to this movie. Its a refreshing take on the by gone era. Am not really a great watcher of Malayalam movies, but you sir, have made a believer and watcher! Once again, I would like to wish you and the team who supported you in creating this masterpiece all the best in all your future endeavors.

    I am usually a man of few words, but your movie has elicited quite a response from me and I believe its going to be a favourite in my list for a long time to come. I do apologize if I have taken up a whole of space blogging in my lengthy comments.

    Thanking you,
    Yours Sincerely,


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