the rediff link to my interview on kerala cafe…



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  1. The comments from the team and your’s gives us an opportunity to be one among you guys and liveliness when we see the movie.The efforts are remembered.
    A person has to die since he is born. one cannot defeat death so let it come we’ll face it boldly.Before it comes let us show the world what is in us.Everybody watching you for the best that you can give.Sincere and pure thoughts from your heart, let us see it on the big screen.with prayers and love. Premen

  2. Saw Kerala Cafe today.
    It was an great experience for an avid movie watcher like me.
    All the movies were superb and the way each directors handled their stories, i must appreciate. Hope this will give back the good old days of malayalam cinema.

    Waiting for your Neelathamara.

    Sreenath Nileshwaram.

  3. I visited Kerala Café yesterday. No doubt, it was a wonderful dinner of 10 dishes at the cost of a single dish. Thanks to its chefs and the promoter.

    Lalettan, you did a great job with ‘Puram Kazhchakal’, its climax became the magic moment of the entire film Kerala Café. Congratulations to all 10 directors for their excellent work!

  4. dear lal sir,

    love and greetings from fr. vineesh Mathew , Delhi. i have been going through the interview, got a wage idea of the matter. waiting to have the delicious item that u have prepared at kerala kafe.

  5. Saw neelathamara today..

    Nice movie.. thanks for bringing up such a wonderful story..

    Who are the actress Kunjimalu (old) and Rathnam (old) ?

    Is Kunjimalu (old) acted in 4 the people?


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