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I am luckier than anyone in the crew! Gokuldas (Art Director)

In Neelathamara production, I am the most fortunate person. Luckier than Lal sir himself! With M.T’s script and Lal Jose’s direction this film demands a rare kind of treatment of a period. And an art director gets complete satisfaction when the project has scope for presenting a special time period. I consider it a matchless challenge to do such a time frame with best talent in our industry. In this case detailing is the key area.


I have been working with Lal Sir for more than five years now. He has a very special talent. He fixes a frame where there seems to be no element of visual interest. But when we see the shot from his perspective all are in awe of his talent! The treatment of Neelathamara is unique as the past appears in lively, vibrant colours. Present is comparatively dull. The story has a strong nostalgic backdrop and the most interesting thing for me is the reference that I get from him. We work in a period before thirty years from today. And he has perfect remembrance of each object in use during those days. When he gives detailed suggestions about each property on the set I feel happy that I am able to think and walk beside such a sincere artist. He will have clear observations about even the cigarette pack or a match box of those times!


Love is the most special feeling in human life. If we can see love happening in others’ lives without disturbing them, it enriches our experience..!   Neelathamara is a graceful presentation of affection in man-woman relationship. Here we are called to taste the sweet and sour of love through the beautiful craft of M.T Vasudevan Nair… I am an introvert; so did not go close to the writer who created language for me before I started using it! I am really content seeing him from a distance!

Lady luck has always followed me in Cinema! I got a state government award for the first movie I worked. Just out of the fine art school with training in sculpture, I didn’t have any real idea of film set construction or art direction! But after that first award winning attempt Kuttappan Sakshi, I was sure that art direction is not merely arranging properties in a location and decided to learn the spirit of the craft! As expected it was a very hard journey. Cinema is the only source that ignited me to move ahead. While working as an assistant for the renowned art director Sabu Cyril the first and major task assigned to me was store keeping. I was in charge of the room where all properties were kept. By being in charge eventually I knew all art properties in his collection. I realized the worth of each item and understood the need of having each type of object in such a collection.


To get ahead with learning Cinema my search took me to different locations! From sign board painting in liquor shops to any kind of drawing that would fetch money to run a home of two sisters and parents. My father has been a makeup artist for theatre. As he was aware of the financial problems in an artist’s life, he did not want me to enter the field of art! He used to be very upset on seeing me painting hoardings and boards every other night! After long years of toil that‘s why I consider myself fortunate – I can stand firm on the ground and talk about the art I am passionate about… And of course this film – the highest point of my luck!!!


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  1. hi laljose,

    thank you for the immediate response. never knew that you are blogging.
    goodluck for neelathamara too.

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  2. i dont know why..although the film is supposed to be a story from the old generation..the actors look luks like a modern film..

  3. the period treatment luks gud from the snaps and vedios..but the actors have a contrasting modernity about them…i wonder what that will lead to..all the best..

    Firstly i thank you for giving oppurnuty to our new generation to see neelathamara in big screen ..I hope u did it well,becuse u can make the feeling of love ,compansion and friendship better than anyother director.i said this because most of the time when i am seeing your filim just before scen i wish the next scen to be like this ,his /her expression to be like a viewer i feel so happy when it appen on next scen ..The song in ‘anuraga vilacho” What to say abt it…. I THINK ITS RHYTHM strike well of a listner..Anyway wish u all the best sir ..i will meet u again here after seing movie..

  5. Dear Gokul

    Congrats man for making the scenes more awesome. The movie becomes a wonder and sure it should be a superhit. Pinne nammude nadalle athil muzuvan. Convey my rgds to Nandan.



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