Neelathamara movie photo gallery…

Neelathamara 01Neelathamara 02Neelathamara 03Neelathamara 04Neelathamara 05Neelathamara 06Neelathamara 07Neelathamara 08Neelathamara 09Neelathamara 10Neelathamara 11Neelathamara 12

Stills : Hari Thirumala


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  1. photos looks good. yesterdays films were strong in storyline. but the takings were not good. now u take that story line and presents it in a new way. in overall praying for a good film.
    some of our yesterdays actors also are there. just think of rahman. he is only 42 years old now. (just one year elder than dileep.) what an actor he was !! there are still a lot of fans for him in kerala. Almost all the housewifes now (in 80’s college students) are his fans. I am one of them. I know many other. but i wonder why he is not getting chance now in malayalam. i saw bharya onnu makkal moonu yesterday. was happy to see him again in a family subject.
    I wrote all this to ask u to give him a good role in ur next film. i am sure that if he gets a good romantic roles (like Shah rukh and Saif Ali in hindi) he will score…
    all the best for neelathamara.

  2. Lalettan
    Each and every face above has a story to depict. Even without the photograph of some meeting places, like a traditional pond or a grassy walkway, they could invite us to a period where nature has an influence on men and human relations have more values.

  3. Realistic photoes….am a film lover and my ambition is to become a good actor. After a long search i got screenplay of old neelathamara and i read it fully.

  4. Almost daily i went to its location. My anxiety was this which scence will be shoot today and how will be it in new mode. I have a hobby of writting and reading,

  5. m.t is my favourite writter. I found m.t’S characters there, seeing them i wrote some new scenes in my book as my interest. i heard a talk of monishas mother about onam it gave me more pleasure. NEELATHAMARA shooting also helped me to found my village beauty( malamakkavu) in a cinematic manner. i want to to do a m.t character in film………………..

  6. I was a part of the shooting unit of NEELA THAMARA 4 two days. My presence in the film is negligible. But experience was exciting & I was happy through out. The whole unit works like an oiled mechine. If any part of the mechine starts working slow, the person sitting in front of the mini screne will immidiately react. He is none other than the Director SRI. LAL JOSE. All the members in the unit behave as members of the same family & Sri. Lal Jose is the head of the family. He is always active & he makes others also active. Director Mr. Lal Jose & his Assistants Mr. Salam, Varmaji, & that slim & tall guy-Mr. …(name unknown), Mr.Vinod, Mr.Manoj & all others were very much helpful 2 me & I express my thanks 2 them.

  7. Lal sir, Sarinte cinimakale orupaade snehikkunna oralane njan ente veeede malappurathaane.. ee stills kandapol ente nadineyum natukareyum sarikkum orthu pokunnoooo….sarikkum natuaral….lal sarinte cinimakal kanumbol njan agrahichirunnooo itharam locationil ninnum sarinte cinimakal varanam enne… athu yadharthyamayirikkunooo…ine njan alla njangal kathirikkunnoooo aa nalla cinimakku vendi……………

  8. hello sir, i guess there is no need to tell anything about your work…coz ur work itself speaks… with each and every movie of urs, u r growing and making we all malayalees proud. ur last kerala cafe, and latest neelathamara with MT sir, wht more would a avid film fan ask for… actually i am from mumbai, whr we get to see the movies only after a month or 2, as far as the trailer and reviews i am impressed sir, and i am sure, this movie will be a milestone. after 30 years a remake done with the master himself. i am waiting for its mumbai release, and special mention abt ur actress Archana, she has done a teriffic job, infact all the ladies have done a excellent job. malsarichaanu abhinayichirikyunne ellavarum… onninonnu mechhapetta abhinayam.
    my all good wishes to u sir…

  9. ….Yes, am becoming optimistic about malayalam films….new space of film… each and every shot is becoming more perfect….its a big step as a director to Laljose sir… I believe you will take more effort full films in future…

  10. Dear Laljose,
    Really nice work. I expect “Neelathaamara” will create a new history in Malayalam film industry. Dr.Iqbal forwarded the photos, and I am eagerly waiting for the release. I am a homoeopathic doctor from Tirur, near Dr.Iqbal’s residence.I am an admirer of all your films. The film I like most is “Randam bhavam”. You have created your own path in the malayalam film and I am sure u are going to fill the gap caused after the death of Bharathan & Padmarajan.Wish u all success.

  11. greetings from pittsburgh….. have only recently started watching mallu movies and this was serendipitous… very very impressive… beautiful locale/lighting/costumes… perfect cast… subtle understated performances…

  12. Hi sir,I am Vineeth from chennai..I recently saw Neelathamara….liked the movie very much nice script and the cast is really superb…Archana and Actress who played the role of Malukutty Amma has done a good job..Thank you for such a good movie..All the best for your future projects sir..

  13. the location is superb and the house is magnificient!!!!!!!!!i really liked the movie and the theme i was touched by kunju mallu ‘s character and i think archana kavi did her job well !good film and all credit goes to the director and all those who did their best for the success of thefilm songs wonderful esp the title song it keeps coming back to me …… nice film well done!!!!!

  14. it is one of the best movies i have seen ! good script by MT sir !good performance by archana kavi and the new actors . good film lal jose !!!!!!!!!

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