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  1. Dear sir,
    For the first time i got a chance to watch neelathamara today in Surya TV. As a matter of fact when i came to know about you recreating a neelathamara i wanted to know about the old one. unfortunately not even a single copy was availablein the market. The name ‘neelathamara’ itsef aroused much interest in me and i was waiting for a chance watch it. In the meanwhile i somehow managed to get a copy of the script from a friend of mine. Well, to brief the experience both the movie and the script were amazing. A very twisted approach on each and every character, breaking the stereotypes. I wondered why you where choosed new comers for thte lead roles. But after watching the movie I`m keen on how they are going to portrait such characters with mettle and underlying complexities. But still i`m waiting fingers crossed as you have said to ther media that changes are induced into the characters nd the story. All the best sir.

  2. heloo
    i am the first time putting entries in ur blog
    I viewed neelthamara official movie site several times because i heard
    a lot of things related to this remake of neelathamara . I dont like to consider it as a remake , i should be a fresh Neelathamara .
    We people not familiar the old one .
    Your casting feel different i hope their contributions also .
    I hope u will give ur best for this film. it shold be a film in the array of ” Achanurangatha veedu ” ,” Chandranudikkunna Dikkil ” and my favorite ” Randam Bhavam ” .
    I Expect somthing more ……
    waiting for ur refreshing Neelathamara .
    all the best ….

  3. sir, film trailors itself defines that the film will be a hit. who is that newface? anyway, very good selection sir. that face is apt for this film. and also that particular face serves as a trademark for this film.

  4. hello laletta,

    i’m happy to find your blog here, i was waiting for a long time to appreciate you. Let me tell you something i’m a fan of your movies especially arabikkadha, orumaravathur kanavu n classmates… i love those stuffs…
    I’ve got a request please give more care in choosing the stories as mulla wasnt that fair i’d say.. n i would like to put forward a small present, your personal website.. if you are willing i’ll create one for you. please feel free to let me know if you dont have one..
    let me introduce myself i’m working as a parttime web developer in a pvt ltd company with my final year btech studies.. n we guys are looking forward for more family entertainers like rasikan from you, please dont let us down… n not the least we are all waiting for the classic Neelathamara too..

  5. Hai Lal Jse Sir. I m a great fan of ur films.. I saw all of your films… The most attaractive thing in your films is the picturisation nd songs. Once more you proved it. I saw neelathamara Song Its Amazing nd wondefull
    …We are expecting more more more films from you sir

  6. Hai Lal Jse Sir. I m a great fan of ur films.. I saw all of your films… The most attaractive thing in your films is the picturisation nd songs. Once more you proved it. I saw neelathamara Song Its Amazing nd wondefull
    …We are expecting more more more films from you sir

  7. dear sir

    today we watch the movie its really amazing. The perfomance of the new comers is very much appriciating. The nature of love is entirely different from todays love that is beutifully presented

  8. Hi lal jose,

    I heard the beautiful songs from the Neelathamara. Excellent!! U have done a wonderful job again!! Waiting to the see the movie. New faces in the movie are so good. I like the actress very much. She is so beautiful!!

  9. The song anuraga… with,
    Archana,direction,background people,makes it EX-ORDNRY

    i saw her on 28th night at cochin, she gave me a plesent smile, she as a lot to travell again…

  10. dear sir
    wow wat a song sir.. its really amazing….no words to xplain tat..
    i hav never seen such a touching nd beautiful romantic song recently… its beautiful… it will be a super duper hit…. for sure sir… thank u for giving us such a nice movie…. all the best sir…. U ROCKKKKKK………

  11. hi sir i am very proud of u sir.bcoze the songs r super sir ilike very much,
    in the anuraaga vilochanarayi song will make set my caller tone ,
    once again i will says super sir

  12. When you bring out the VCD/DVD, please include the old version also in the same packet – as Moser Baer did for “HariharNagar”. I have seen the old version 4 times & the new version 2 times – even recorded the beautiful hummings of Yesudas & Madhuri, years back, keeping a stereo recorder in front of the TV. Still I have the audio caseette with me (~20 minutes recording from selected portions). I watched the older version 3rd time, when the College Union of MAHARAJA’S COLLEGE, Ernakulam arranged a benefit show of this movie on 26 Feb 1982 in the Seena A/c Movie Theatre, Kaloor. Thanks to LalJose, MT & Suresh for the sincere efforts & the lovely newer version (except the songs). The Temple picturised in the new version is also the same Malamakkavu, near Kuttippuram?

  13. Hello Mr. Lal Jose,
    You have done a wonderful job again!!
    Very nice & sweet Movie.Congratulations to the whole Neelathamara team, well deserved.Best of Luck to All.
    Two songs:”Anurag…..& Pakalonne..” are really toucing.
    Congrat’s & thx:-)

  14. Dear Lal Sir,

    Neelathamara theatre’nnu 4 thavana kandu, cd release cheythappo oru copy vaangi. I’m not well in english, So malayalathil aanu ezhuthanathu. Aduthide pazhaya neelathamara kiran tv il kandirunnu. Compare cheyumbol puthiya neelathamara valare beautiful aanu, mainly in acting… Njan thangalude oru big fan aanu. enna site leku orupadu mails send cheydirunnu, bt kure kazhinjappol aanu athu updated alla ennu sradhichadu… Thangalude talents ellavarkum ariyam. Enkilum thangalude next films nu ellam best wishes parayunnu… Ingane oru blog sir nu und ennarinjadil santhosham.
    thank you sir……….

  15. Hello,
    I am Maharashtrian, doesn’t understand a single word, however I liked one song “Anuraga Vilochananayi” from the movie and felt I should write to you. It is a very pleasing song in the times of movies where camera never stays on the subject more than milliseconds.

    I am a travel and documentary photographer and I am based in Mumbai. I would like to work with you on stills of your next project. I do know this request is coming from nowhere, however I would like to work with you.

    All my details are on my website. If you feel I can do that job, kindly contact me.

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