I might not remember when I first saw Lohithadas…, Lohi sir as we called him. But the day I noticed his name on big screen is vivid in memory. It was in a theatre in Thrissur during Pooram in 1987. The Cinema hall was showing `Thaniyavarthanam’, the film which placed mammootty at a totally new height in career. (Little did I realise that the film is launching an evergreen script writer- director combination in Malayalam.) Couple of years later, after I joined Kamal sir as an assistant director we all longed for the day when the ace scriptwriter would pen for our director. A project, `Parasan’ was announced but did not take off. Our hope lingered on. And while worshipping this writer of my favourite movies, I felt an unrest which crystallised into anger. Mind wondered why he wasn’t writing for Kamal sir. I kept bumping into him at familiar film locations and Shornur guest house where he spent great amount of time planning and writing his scripts.Whenever i saw him the inferiority of a junior colleague made me refrain from sharing my thoughts.

Years rolled ahead. It was a time when I got involved in films other than those of Kamal sir’s. One day, There was an unexpected call to join as associate director of `Udyanapalakan’, directorial venture of Mr.Harikumar written by Lohi sir. I experienced a slight shiver while entering Shornur guest house where preliminary work of the film was progressing! A cloud of anxiety crossed my mind each time while thinking about working with Lohi sir. I understood that nobody in the crew had complete idea of the film’s oneline or synopsis. a finalised storyline was a must for me to start work as associate director who charts shooting schedules etc. No one had the guts to ask for a synopsis because it is him, the most celebrated writer of those times!. But i had no choice and went to meet Lohi sir. This was the beginning of a realisation! That introduction on the sets of Udyanapalakan paved way for getting to know a totally different artist, creator and human being. By the end of that project we were bonded well. As a direct result he called me to be an associate in his directorial debut `Bhoothakkannadi’.

I moved on to do my own films… Meanwhile I made him promise that one day he will write for me… It was for him to decide my position in the long queue of people waiting for his favour. But I surely was waiting for his call one day! some day! Days, months and years lept ahead after Bhoothakkannadi and Oru maravathoor Kanavu…. Here in Anakkara after a full night’s shoot of Neelathamara i woke up late to receive his demise… leaving me at the tail of a never ending queue !


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  1. Really Touching Memories…
    Lohi Sir was a great Script writer and Film Maker.
    May His Soul Rest In Peace.

    The Media Office

  2. Lohichettan was a GREAT personality in the malayalam movie industry. It IS and WILL be a GREAT LOST for the malayalam movie for-ever.But he left some good memories to us through his wonderful movies,that make us to remember him and he is still ALIVE through us.May His Soul Rest In Peace.

  3. I remember one moment…a talk in one channel(kirali T.V) with Lohi sir..the word was “I were mentally competate with Padmarajan with my stories…” yes that was a truth… god is the most criminal in this world… he take more people who show the extra brilliance… like Einsteen,Abraham linkon,Padmarajan etc…. now Our Lohi sir… I lost one of my teacher….

  4. Dear Laljose,

    I chanced upon your website as I drifted along on cyber space on a warm thursday afternoon.

    It invited me in and I stumbled upon a forgotten smell of Kerala, I began to touch and smell the colors.

    I felt your obituary to Shri Lohitadas. What pathos. Elicited sorrow from my heart.

    What a beautiful soul you must have.

    All the very best, in this journey that is Life.


  5. Some years back, I was casually roaming around in Ottapalam when I saw this short portly man, with a long beard and a carelessly tied red bandana on his head walking along the roads adjoining the post office and railway station observing people who were having a smoke, walking hurriedly towards the station with a glint in his eyes!! My first impressions of this man was that he must be bit crazy and walked on trying to avoid this man!! 🙂

    Later another day, I saw this same guy in Shornur doing the same thing! Luckily I had someone knowledgeable with me who told me that this man was Lohitadas.. Thereafter, I watched his movies much more keenly and with a grand smile realized that all his time of staring and observing people was what made characters in his movies close to our hearts..

    Cheers to the great observer, thinker, writer, and director.. Rest in Peace..

  6. Hello,
    i have written a script which i feel only Laljose can direct well. Please let me know if you are ready to listen to my script.

  7. Dear Lal Jose,

    I had seen the song (Anuraaga Vilochananayi), i don’t have words to to describe about that songs, it’s realy amazing. Also i heard other songs too, i love all the songs in Neelathamara.

    We all waiting for more filims like Neelathamara……. 🙂

    Shijin Prasad

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